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Teen Wolf

So, my resolution to blog more! How about blogging hilarious TV? I have rarely seen TV more hilarious than Teen Wolf.

I will give any show with elements of ze supernatural a chance, because I love me some fantasy. The basic premise of this show seems to be: People sure do like that Twilight! If we did a show all about werewolves, it would just be about the shirtless dudes in Twilight, and SURELY everyone would like that.

Fine by me, as I am devoted to The Vampire Diaries, also building on the popularity of Twilight. I was excited!

I watched half the pilot, and myself and the roomie gave up in disgust. Then a few months passed... I heard there was an actual gay character (In a supernatural show? Not a metaphor? Not subtext? An actual gay character? Actually?)... we gave it another try. Had our standards lowered, had we gone mad, did it get better? Who can say. But we watched the whole season.

Without further ado I present to you the tale of the Most Useless Werewolf In the World, and the People Who (Inexplicably) Love Him.


LACROSSE FANS: 2375 (there was one dude in Beacon Hills who wasn't a lacrosse fan, but the werewolves killed that guy.)

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