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Winners. Swords. Jane Austen

The winners of Dull Boy are to email me at sarahreesbrennan@gmail.com at their earliest convenience:


The extra winners of signed copies of Dull Boy should email Sarah Cross at dullboybook@gmail.com. She saw all your comments and felt stricken with pity. She has a good heart, under all that evil and pink.


There is another Sarah Cross and Dull Boy related contest on, which is that if you put a picture of yourself and Dull Boy, or Dull Boy in a fun place, up and link me to it, I will choose one of the entrants and send you an advance signed copy of The Demon's Lexicon. Currently there is one entry, so your odds are excellent!

Since that is the prize, I thought I should show it to you. When my US author copies arrived, I admit I did a terrible thing: I seized a knife, ripped open a box and then tore my cover right off. I truly love my US cover, but I received a cover flat (an imitation cover, subject to change) of it a while ago, and have been keeping it on my copy of Generation Dead and pretending it was my book, so I have got used to it. I was dying to see my Secret Cover in real life.

I love it so much, it is hard for me to express to you. My name and the title are written on the spine as if in the metal used for the blade!

Since I am rendered incoherent, I decided to use someone else to display the four editions currently in my possession. My friend Helen knew perfectly well how my mental state would devolve in the weeks (two weeks! Just in case any of you are interested, people are planning release day meet-ups here) leading up to publication, so she sent me a little helper. She sent me a Jane Austen Action Figure.

The pen, Jane maintains, is mightier than the sword.


... Jane has failed to notice that she is actually holding a quill.


A giant girl keeps making these two ruffians 'throw down.' Seeing two louts brawling does not accord with a lady's dignity. Miss Austen begs immediate assistance.


Jane remarks that you could put a demon's eye out with that thing.


The books have all turned their backs on her. Jane tells them this is no way to conduct yourselves in polite society.


Jane Austen has utterly conquered the books. This is only to be expected, considering her own books, which she begs leave to inform you totally rock. And contain no brawling ruffians at all.


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May. 27th, 2009 12:11 pm (UTC)
Although I'm a huge fan of your dialogue-y posts, this picture post also made my day. :) Jane is lovely!
Jun. 5th, 2009 02:50 am (UTC)
I must say (again) how much I love your secret US cover.
I'm not a fan of dust covers (they fall off, they move, they get dirty)so the secret US cover pleased me greatly!
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