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Team Edgar Linton

Happy December, you guys. In case you're wondering, it is me, the artist formerly known as mistful, speaking. Credit for thinking up the new livejournal name goes to the Best Friend, Chiara, and credit for the awesome new layout goes to the brilliant gossymer. Hope you all like it!

So yesterday I was out with my friend Sinéad, seeing the movie Twilight. (Warning for vampire fans - Sinéad is not sympathetic to the plight of vampires in love. She is heartless: it's a character flaw.)

Which reminded me of something else Twilight-related. For those of us unfamiliar: the Twilight saga is a gigantically bestselling series of books about a young girl beloved by a vampire and a werewolf.

This summer I was wandering with my friends through a bookshop in Massachussetts, indulging in an orgy of book buying. I passed by a big stand of the Twilight series, looped with ribbons and adorned with badges, and paused to admire the great beauty of the covers. Then I saw 'Team Edward' and 'Team Jacob' badges strategically positioned on the stand.

SARAH: Teams? I do not understand. In the next book will Edward and Jacob play baseball against each other? Is there going to be a dance-off?
HOLLY (patiently): No, it means some people like one guy, and some people like the other guy.
SARAH: ... Hmm.

I thought about this, and decided it was sheer marketing genius. This is because I like picking sides. I get all passionate about my favourite characters, and I am extremely competitive. No, extremely: as a child I worked out a system for winning at Pass the Parcel that would totally have worked if my mother had been more co-operative, and my house at school was pretty infamous for cheating on Sports Day.

I think lots of people do this - pick sides, that is, not cheat at Pass the Parcel, for that you have to be born with a criminal mind. One of the reasons people went for Harry Potter, another mega bestselling series you may have heard of, was because you had the sides arranged for you: people could think of themselves as aligned with the different houses and cheer for them to win cups. People can get into heated debates about which character/relationship/side/TEAM is best and of course, if one team wins, the other has to lose, so tempers can run high.

Of course, as is my way, I immediately began to take this too far and apply it to everything. A little while later, while rambling around New York with my friends Jen and Sarah Cross, I explained how Teams worked in Wuthering Heights.

JEN: They don't work in Wuthering Heights.
SARAH: Sure they do! Sure they do! It's Team Heathcliff versus Team Edgar Linton!
SARAH C: Sarah, nobody is on Team Edgar Linton.
SARAH: I AM ON TEAM EDGAR LINTON. He's hot and blond and rich and he doesn't hang puppies! He's clearly the team to be on. Everyone should be on Team Doesn't Hang Puppies!

They seemed unconvinced, which I think is very unfair. And cruel to animals. For the record, if Heathcliff and Edgar Linton had a dance-off on the moors, I believe Edgar Linton would win!

So is anyone else on Team Edgar Linton, or a lonely supporter of some other fictional character or relationship others don't like? Does being on Team Someone make you like a book or a TV show more? Is it human nature to like teams, or are there lots of people on Team No Teams, Please?


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Jul. 16th, 2009 09:48 pm (UTC)
Here from Metaquotes - I'm totally on team Edgar Linton! I was horrified when I saw on TV tropes that Heathcliff is considered a Draco In Leather Pants. Isabella Linton exists for almost the sole purpose of demonstrating that he is a Very Bad Man, no matter how much fans want him to be a Dashing Romantic Hero.
Dec. 14th, 2010 06:33 pm (UTC)
Not stalking ... well, not meaning to stalk at least. I, as I told you, am looking for the discussion posts and I entrusted my Handy-Dandy Amazon history to tell me when the Lexicon was released. However, instead of scrolling to mid-page to see the Official Release Date as a more logical mind would be wont to do, I trusted the ever-helpful "Hey You Purchased This Book Already on *ENTER DATE HERE* So Please Stop Buying Multiple Copies of Books Already". Amazon is very judgmental, you see.

So, since I purchased the Lexicon via pre-order, it told me I purchased it in December of 2010. So I came and found this entry and I have to say that I was never able to finish Wuthering Heights. I tried, numerous times, and I just had no great love - OK, outright disdain - for both Heathcliff and Catherine. However, I did remark to my professor who had assigned the book - and lovingly allowed me to do Pride & Prejudice instead as that filled me with lovely instead of murderous thoughts! - that if the book had been more about Linton, I could have read a lot further than I had. She always insisted that I didn't give either H or C enough time to develop and I believed that my own psyche would not come out the healthier side of normal if I indulged either character more.

I guess this is a rambly way of me saying, I'm in ur LJ, reading ur old posts ... and failing, quite spectacularly, to find the posts I actually want! :)
Dec. 15th, 2015 12:51 am (UTC)
Lexicon was pubbed June 2009, if that helps. ;)
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