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Is it June Yet? ... Yes, It Finally Is!

I am afraid I am much too incoherent with joy and panic to provide you with real content in this blog post: however, I have prepared content for you elsewhere!

I have among other things, the tale of how I was mistaken for a knife-wielding lunatic.

On my lovely agent's blog, Getting Hacked Six Days Before Release Day.

And some hopefully fun interviews!

What this post is really for is for the comments: The Demon's Lexicon is officially out today, so if you've read it or you're reading it, here is your discussion thread! Talk to me about questions/thoughts/your outrage at the shocking lack of marshmallows in the book here.

Or if you would like to talk about the book away from author-gumming-up-the-works, discussion is going on here!

Pre-emptive warning for masses and masses of spoilers in the comments.
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