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A very kind lady named Nadya emailed me and sent me a link to where my Russian edition is out, so a) my Russian edition is out, yay! and b) Now I have seen my Russian cover!

I thought y'all might be interested in seeing it too, as I find it fascinating to see what varies from country to country, and what stays the same.


I may've mentioned in my New York Books of Wonder event that I am always describing how different my UK and US covers are.

Photobucket Photobucket

Behold! A dude. Ravens. And then lo! ... A dude. Ravens.

Russian cover's a dude and ravens too, and it also looks really different to me, though it has the cityscape and flavour of noir (Noir. It has a flavr) that the UK cover does. I like how wee Nick on the front looks like he's hanging out there on the cover, considering being the villain of the story instead of the hero. That is why I gave him the traditional villainous colouring, after all. Anyways, let me know what you think! I like it, and am thrilled to be out in another country.

In an earlier post about what people liked to see from a journal, some people mentioned missing the 'stumbling towards publication' posts I did pre-publication. Now, it is not yet time for covers for book two, though I pine for that day! With pre-publication, there are specific things to write about like 'finding an agent' and 'baby's first editorial letter'. (Usually, my advice is to cope with things totally differently than I do.)

I am puzzled about exactly what to write for posts stumbling through publication, since mostly post-publication, I write, and writing is just a part of Life.

Scenes From A Writer's Life

The Writer In the Family Home, With Little Brother

SARAH: *writes*
SAUL: *writes*
SARAH: ... Saul, may I ask you a personal question?
SAUL: Yeeeees.
SARAH: Is that a journal with a picture of Zac Efron on the front?
SAUL: Yeeeees.
SARAH: Why do you have that?
SAUL: It is for recording my thoughts.

I believe he was being post-modern and ironic. Maybe.

The Writer In Her Actual Home, With Housemate The Durham Lass

SARAH: *writes*
DURHAM LASS: It's perfectly ridiculous! There are too many teeth!
SARAH: I totally agree. What?
DURHAM LASS: All the relics that are meant to be St Patrick's teeth. There are too many teeth.
SARAH: Oh right.
DURHAM LASS: Which means some of the relics won't work for healing and so on.
SARAH: Well, they're old. Maybe some of them just need a relic repairman. Or a little shake.
DURHAM LASS: Shake shake shake...
SARAH: Shake shake shake...
SARAH & DURHAM LASS: Shake your relic, dah dah dum, dah dah dah.

The Writer In Cafe with Friend The Evil One

EVIL ONE: I'll grab us some drinks.
SARAH: A fine, fine plan. *writes*
SARAH: *smells something terrible*
EVIL ONE: Let's go.
SARAH: What happened? Did you set yourself on fire?
SARAH: Did you set someone else on fire?
EVIL ONE: Mistakes were made. Machines were half-blown up and half-melted. No-one can be blamed.
SARAH: ...
EVIL ONE: Get your coat.

If anyone has any particular things they would like to hear about stumbling onward from publication (Writing A Sequel, What To Do When You Write Your Fifteenth Make-Out Scene and Realise You May Have A Problem) please tell me! I am eager to Impart My Wisdom.

Which means, tell you stories of the idiot things I did, and how you should avoid doing them...
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