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The Book Giveaway

So it is time for my Last Book Giveaway. I know it is January. BUT, I had to wait because after all the giveaways, it seemed fitting that I give away my book. Advance copies of The Demon's Covenant, to be precise.

Those of you who've seen the awesome Demon's Covenant teaser banner on marmalade_fish may already have guessed.

Now, there were a lot of ARC giveaways of Demon's Lexicon, but this is the only one I know of for Covenant! (Because fewer advance copies tend to get made for a second book.) So I thought it would be fun to have a contest to win copies. A contest with categories. The winner of every category will get an advance copy, and you guys have a month to submit your entries! The end date is February 26th. (You also have a month because I don't, er, have my advance copies yet... But also, because you will need time.)

1. Art for The Demon's Lexicon. Art such as this! And also since I mentioned loving this scene a lot five minutes ago, art like this! All kinds of art, in short! Chibi art that is currently my desktop and playing cards art - all very welcome.

2. Fiction for The Demon's Lexicon. Stuff with any of the characters, set in the past or the present or the future! They can do stuff. Or not. Total freedom! Five hundred words or less, and you guys have to promise not to sue me for stealing your ideas. (I promise not to steal your ideas.)

3. Vids for The Demon's Lexicon. I love vids! I find them to be awesome, and insofar as I am concerned they are made by magic. This is also the category likely to have the least entries, so, just saying. Chances are good! (If you use a US cover for the trailer, please use the new one. Please DO NOT use the old one, or just the UK one, since it might cause confusion.)

Examples of book vids/trailers: using clips, Cassandra Clare's City of Bones, using art, Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan, using photos, Kami Garcia and Margi Stohl's Beautiful Creatures and using cuteness (yes... that is a technical term) Jaclyn Dolamore's Magic Under Glass

Entries can either be in the comments to this post, or on the community marmalade_fish. You can enter as many times as you want in any category.

(By the way, entering the contest means you promise not to spoil the book on the internet!)

'But WAIT!' you may say at this point. 'This is villainy. That is not a free book at all. We have to do stuff for it!'

This is true. Which is why there will also be a giveaway of one copy for no reason but 'read the first book, liked it, I wish for the next book!''

All you have to do is...

4. Guess which two characters have the first make-out scene in The Demon's Covenant.

I figure, I keep saying book two is the make-out book, I'd better put my advance copies where my mouth is.

This is not a prize for Best Guesser. My recommendation is that you just type out two random characters' names. It just shows, you know, that you read the first book and know the characters' names.

Seriously. Yell out two random names from the book. It is easy. Watch me. 'Pride and Prejudice!' 'Mrs Bennet and Mr Collins!' 'Twilight.' 'Rosalie and Charlie Swan!' 'The Secret Garden.' 'Colin Craven and Mary Lennox because I can say nothing else when someone mentions that book.'

... I could do this all day.

All comments are screened until the right two names are guessed, so process of elimination cannot be done! Get ready, get set, get guessing. ;)


NOTE: Guessing is now closed. Someone guessed right. Well done, iltaru! (There is now, naturally, a spoiler in the comments.)

EDIT: Contest is now closed. Winners will be announced in March!
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