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Friday Links

Today I decided to make a post with links in it! Often, I want to say something, and then I find that someone else has said what I wanted to say much better than I could say it, and then I say to myself 'Well, that's done, excellent' and I go back to staring at my Peter Pan as James Bond short story.

For instance, there has been much talking about covers lately. I have not really been able to participate, partly because I was lying on the floor hoping my cover would come so I could share it. Which it now has, yay, tell me if you like it!

I thought Karen Healey made some excellent and informative points about author and publisher responsibility, and the cover-making process.

I am participating in a charity auction for helptheproject, a free afterschool arts and academics program whose funding has been cut. My thing for auction is Being An Evil Magician (With Booty). (bidding on whether you'd like to have your name in The Demon's Talisman as a magician, a poster of the Demon's Lexicon manga art, or a signed edition of Demon's Lexicon of your choice.) There are also many cooler things than mine up for auction, like Sarah Monette's adult fantasy quartet, which I highly recommend.

'Sarah, you lazy wench' you might say at this point. 'This is all OTHER PEOPLE'S WORDS! Where is the blog?'

In fact though I often tell myself I must cut down on blogging, there is a blog post by me - it is just elsewhere. It is in fact on Justine Larbalestier's blog, and it is about Movies and Sex (Trashy Wench That I Am). I hope you guys enjoy it!
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