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Linkin' interesting things of interest

1) Guest Blog: As you guys know, writing the second book of a trilogy was a tricky thing for me, in that I went insane and wrote two different versions! So you may be interested in a guest blog I did about why second books are difficult and yet completely worth it: Sequels: The Dread Attack of the Clones.

2) Crazy Subtitles: I recently did a podcast and was musing on it about Insane Subtitles for The Demon's Covenant: the podcast is not up yet but I have been amusing myself with them. So far I have

Nick Ryves: Caught In A Bad Romance (With Everyone He Knows)
Mavis and Cynthia Take Manhattan A Small Town In England
Nick Puts A Ring On It

I know, my talent with words is enough to bring tears to one's eyes...

3) Demon's Covenant Advance Copy Contest: Ends tomorrow at midnight! Or more likely, on Saturday whenever I happen to get up. My discipline is IRON. And then there will be a period of me Judging, by which I mean Annoying All My Friends to Help Me Decide. The book trailers, I am pretty decided on! The fiction and art, they are trying me sorely... perhaps a brilliant contender will slip under the wire... All the contenders of course have been distressingly brilliant so far.

4) Most importantly, Beautiful Creatures and Winning Stuff!

Each clue in the BEAUTIFUL CREATURES: Unlock the Curse Contest involves a powerful or magical object, a talisman of some kind, found in one of six supernatural novels. Solve each clue and complete each challenge to win Genevieve's locket - the powerful Civil War talisman that unlocks the mystery of the curse that haunts Lena Duchannes.

The fifth clue:

In THE DEMON'S LEXICON, Nick wants nothing more than to live a normal life. But for as long as he can remember, his family has been on the run, and for good reason. Magicians who are able to command demon-possessed animals have been hunting them. So from an early age, Nick has worn a talisman that helps protect him. What is it decorated with?

Find the typepad blog that corresponds to this challenge, (the URLs are all the same EXCEPT for the name of the featured novel: wickedlovely, tithe, etc.) fill in the name of the book as the user name, and the name of the clue object as the password: then you'll be able to unlock the fifth challenge
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