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Sunday Reading

It being Sunday, I am combining my daily routine of writing with the frenzied hunted air of a hamster taped to a laptop with thinking thinky thoughts about books.

Spinning off of same, here is a guest blog on Books Sarah Rees Brennan Would Like to See As Movies. In which I mainly complain about movies I do not like, because that is the way I roll. But really - who adds an evil twin in a snowglobe? It is never a good idea.

Karen Healey, whose excellent book Guardian of the Dead I will be reviewing shortly, along with several other very fine books just as soon as I have finished writing my own book (Can't sleep! Deadline will get me!) has a very interesting post on YA Fantasy: Full of Miscreants. Which sprang from a conversation we had in which she blackened one of my characters' names and I defended said character valiantly.

It occurred to me only after reading her blog post that she mostly discusses the Bad Boy Heroes of young adult fantasy, whereas the guy she discusses for my book is the (comparatively) good guy sidekick. So not only is my bad boy a little too bad for the tastes of some, but so's my nice guy. Oh, self. Get a commercial instinct someday. Put it on your shopping list along with ginger biscuits!

I was also thinking about this less-recent post Justine Larbalestier wrote about, among other things, readers who only read one of an author's and I was thinking about that also! I mean, I know it happens all the time, no matter how successful a writer is. A whoooooole lot of people read Stephenie Meyer's The Host, for instance. But about a zillionty more people read Twilight.

And this of course makes sense: for one thing, some readers don't think about the writer - they are super into these specific characters, and wish to be with them! But some people seem to actively resent the other books an author writes as if, had they not got the idea for this New Thing, they would have written more of the Old Thing. And again, that makes sense: much nicer to go 'Mmm, I like this thing. Where is more of it? Oh, here it is! Yay!' than 'I will try it and I hope I will like it...' I've seen people on the internet upset about George R.R. Martin's new novella because what they want is a new Song of Ice and Fire book - though wanting the next book in a series is obviously a lovely and flattering thing, and waiting is hard, they do seem very upset.

As someone not-crazy-famous, plus a baby author with only one book out, it's not something I have had to address myself, but as someone finishing the third book of her trilogy and thinking about writing other things, it is a Topic of Interest to me! I have thus been scouting the internet looking at people's thoughts on the matter: two writers I know are starting new serieseseses this year, and it is all most interesting.

So, any thoughts on awful or excellent movie adaptations you have seen, or excellent ones you would like to see? Any thoughts on the badly behaved characters in fiction? Books you have resented because they are not That Thing You Want? Hit me!
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