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Adventures I'm Going To Have


15th June
6.30pm for the signing and questions & answers, and film at 8pm
Hosted by Trisha Telep of Murder One Books

In Shortwave Cinema
10 Bermondsey Square
London SE1 3UN

I know, is this not fancy? And for your coming and listening to me ramble, you get to watch a lovely movie!

But the question is - which lovely movie? I have had a terrible time deciding, as I will now relate to you. Since this book is told from Mae's point of view, I thought it would be nice to have a genre movie with a bunch of action (Quite lately, my friend Josh Lewis was reading Covenant and remarked sadly that there was a lot of action. Less duels, more cuddling, he seems to feel. But I see no reason not to combine the two!) in which a girl got to have adventures too, and be awesome. It would be even better, I thought, if said girl had pink hair.

I know these are specific demands, but really, I wanted a movie in which hellspawn wasn't so bad for the Lexicon launch, and I thought of said movie in no time.

Apparently 'girl being awesome, having awesome fantasy adventures' is a much harder ask! Dear world: girls, not just good for being rescued in adventures, please see to this. PS I will go see the movie version of Uglies twice in the cinema, I swear.

I considered some children's movies such as Beauty and the Beast and Labyrinth which I love, but did not wish people to think I was treating them as children!

Also, if my mother comes, she may shout 'Take it off' and the Beast's furry ears should not be sullied in this manner.

But there was one children's movie that seemed to really fit the bill...

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl

Two superheroic kids on an adventure, the lady with pink hair!

The only flaw is... by all reports, this movie is terrible. I particularly enjoyed all the reviews which said that the actor for Sharkboy would never work in this town again.

Please ma'am... have you seen my shark suit? I am so cold.

(Side note: I have done many things in my life, but I never thought I would be the girl searching through shirtless pictures of Taylor Lautner. Wrong again!)

Then I thought, well, Mae is named after the fabulous Mae West, maybe we should watch a movie with her in it!

Mae West in I'm No Angel

Mae West as a fabulous circus performer who has a showdown in a courtroom in which she wins Cary Grant's heart through words and amazingness? Well, lovely!

But then I thought, do I really need to go back to 1933 for an awesome lady?

Pink Hair Girl in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

When I saw this picture, I went onto IM and exulted with my friend karenhealey, author of the fabulous Guardian of the Dead.

SARAH: KAREN I have finally found my movie!
KAREN (an obliging soul): Hurrah!
SARAH: It is called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and it has a lady with pink hair in it and another cool lady I hear and crime solving and Robert Downey Junior and also is funny and also has a gay main character who gets to have adventures!

This is another rare and important thing to me. Jamie gets to have adventures too! (No matter how sad he is about that fact. He too wishes for more cuddles and less duels.)

SARAH: Look at this picture, Karen!
KAREN: Um. Yes. Well, it is a very good movie! But I have to say - the girls in it are great, but they do not get to do as much adventuring as the boys. Not half as much.
SARAH: ... Oh.
KAREN: Also. Um. That picture of the pink haired girl? She is dead in it.

So, I seek your advice. Awesome circus performers from days of yore? Hilarious crimefighting? Or that misunderstood cinematic masterpiece, Sharkboy and Lavagirl? Or do you have another suggestion? In any case, I hope to see some of you there!
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