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Irish Launch of the Demon's Covenant

'Sarah,' you may say unto me. 'All of this American and London business is very fine. But what about the country of your origin and indeed residence? What about IRELAND? Why are you not launching Demon's Covenant there?'

The answer is... I am!

And, even though the Demon's Covenant is not technically out in the UK and Ireland until May 27th (nine days after the US's May 18th, but these things are fluid) there will be Special Early Copies on sale at this event, May 13th. My first event for the Demon's Covenant!

Eason Bookshop
O'Connell Street
Thursday, 13 May

And there is more! I will be appearing with Patrick Ness, the awesome author of The Knife of Never Letting Go and The Ask and The Answer.

So, a two-for-one! I always think events with more than one author are the most fun... probably because then everyone is not STARING AT ME. Also because it is a pleasure to appear with awesome authors, and talk about their excellent books.

The event is going to be super fancy. There is going to be a band.

It's ticketed, and the way Eason's seems to do it is by entering into a draw here. Or you probably also give the store a call for more details (01 858 3800).

Or, really, just come along on the night. I highly doubt anyone will be turned away! (There is going to be a BAND!)

And I have another US tour date to announce with Ms Holly Black.

Sunday, May 23
Stonebriar Center Mall
Frisco, TX 75034
2:00 PM

I hope to see people! In Ireland! Or in Frisco! You want a postcard for either, pop your address here.

The book is coming out really soon now (and the US paperback of The Demon's Lexicon comes out in four days). It all starts to seem real! I hope people will like it! I can't wait to talk about the book with readers. I feel a bit dizzy.

... Or possibly, that is this flu. Off to drink hot orange juice and honey, to be well for events!
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