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French Cover for The Demon's Lexicon

The French edition of The Demon's Lexicon comes out in September, and I hope that France will like it! I got the opportunity to talk to my French editor at the Bologna book fair, and she was most excellent and lovely: we discussed the cover.

Now, that is always a tricky business - an author's involvement with covers ranges from 'saw it on amazon' to 'has sent many many emails and has had some of them paid attention to oh my gosh yay.' Nobody will ever know how the noble cover artist at Simon & Schuster UK has suffered at my hands, though I may make a post about it one day when I have all three UK covers.

So I said some stuff to my French editor, aware it might not be taken into account, but it totally was! And there is extra stuff I never thought to ask for! I'm very pleased.

Without further ado I show you the new French cover and new French title.

Would you look at the 's' in a shape of a snake. Glee!

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