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Demon's Covenant Officially Out Now!

Hooray hooray Demon's Covenant is out today!

And it is the time of year that I blither in other places, and then ask you to go look there! I have an interview up with songs and talking about brothers, a q&a with the Caster Girls and a post dedicated entirely to my Mae, Ms Normal in Paranormalandia.

Now to tell you all the things I have been doing LATELY, since I have emerged from my cave of edits to do fun things. In Ireland, I did an event with Patrick Ness (author of the zillionty-award-winning Knife of Never Letting Go and sequels). Patrick is a scholar and a gentleman, and we had an awesome event: I told stories about how I constantly embarrass myself, and he did a really thoughtful and excellent writing exercise, and we were given cake. There is a mini-interview with both of us up here, with scurrilous remarks about my Very Educational Speech.

Then I came home to find out Robin McKinley, who wrote Hero and the Crown and Beauty and Chalice and Sunshine and you know, books of my heart, one of the writers who showed me what I wanted to write, liked Demon's Lexicon.

SARAH: This has been the best day. My life is perfect. I will never be unhappy again.

The next day I went to visit my mother in hospital. (She's okay, y'all.) She was reading Demon's Covenant, which my father had acquired from the event and given her.

MOTHER: Sarah, I want you to sit down and talk to me nicely for five minutes, and then I have to tell you something.
SARAH: sits down and talks nicely
MOTHER: All right then. Now, you should know there are fifty pages missing starting from page 138 of your book.

My extreme apologies to anyone who got one of the thankfully few copies that were part of a bad batch. If you did, you can either return them, or email me at, and I will send you a new copy with all its pages!

I did some Children's Book Ireland things with the lovely people there, and then I took an airplane to go tour with the lovely blackholly, author of White Cat, about which I believe I have made my ecstatic flailings quite clear. ;)

Turns out, I took an airplane at the last possible moment, as the Ash Cloud's Return: Revenge of the Ash Cloud, meant that Irish airports shut the very next day. This sort of makes me feel like an action heroine, rolling under the closing drawbridge with seconds to spare and my crossbow in hand.

Once I was in Chicago, Holly followed shortly, and I flew to her. 'HOLLY' I said beamingly. 'Are you ready for ALL OUR ADVENTURES?'

... She did not look quite sure that she was.

We did a school event, and when we rolled up to the lovely school we saw a placard that said 'GO WOLVES' on it.

SARAH: Awesome, we're doing a presentation at a school for werewolves!
HOLLY: Forgive her... she's Irish.
MEDIA ESCORT: The Irish have schools for werewolves?

And then yesterday night we had our first bookshop event, at Anderson's! I was completely overexcited. I kicked a bookseller. (That was an accident!) I broke my chair. (That was an accident too...)

My extreme apologies to the lovely lady at the front of the queue who wanted a photo - you know who you are! - and who did not get one! (Sarah: I thought we had a system? Holly: There is no photo system. All is photo anarchy!) If you want to email me at, I will send you a SOMETHING to make up for my ridiculousness.

Ridiculousness is, as you can see, something of a specialty of mine. But we had such a great event! Everyone who showed up was so lovely: I signed printed-out copies of my online short stories, and I talked to people who liked my blog, and I kidnapped some of Holly's fans, and she kidnapped some of mine. We told terrible stories about our lives of crime, and I made some truly inappropriate jokes. I loved it, and it was a pleasure to meet everyone who came.

Here are all the appearances we will be doing together.

We have another on tonight in the Oakbrook Barnes & Noble, and I am much afraid lest all the Chicago people who wanted to see us were there last night, so I hope with much hope to see some of you tonight! Given current evidence, I think I can safely promise MAYHEM.

As you can see, things always rocket between awesome and awful for me, and then back again. This is part of being a writer, but also I think is Just Something That Happens To Me. Given that the awesome bits are so awesome, I think I can deal.

Also on our tour, we are going to be interviewed together for Shooting Stars Magazine and the interviewer is asking for questions. So, if you've got some -- about writing generally, the books, or anything else -- let her know.

There is a great deal of waffling in this post, but the main point is this: my second book is out today! I am no longer a debut author. It has been a terrifying, exhilarating and awesome year, and now I am in the process of hoping and fearing about a whole extra book.

At some point I do wish to talk about Writing the Second Book, which as Ally Carter says and many agree is the hardest book, but for now here are some other people's thoughts about Demon's Covenant: here, here, here and here. (So far people seem to like it. HUZZAH!)

My lovely fan community marmalade_fish has a whole new layout, and you can talk about Demon's Covenant right there - or anywhere.

As for instance, here. Consider this my Discussion Post for Demon's Covenant: don't look at the comments unless you want to be spoiled! Talk to me.
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