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Off to Florida, Hold the Fort! Also: Demons in the Holy Land!

Currently I am packing to go to Florida, about which I have already blogged!

My methods of packing: race about the house in a wildly disorganised fashion, with a set of heels in one hand and my passport in the other. On more than one occasion, have tipped a drawer into a bag and announced, 'I'll see what I'm wearing when I get there!'

Anyway! Nervous about Florida, but hopeful that there will be people there who will wish to talk to me about my books. And books in general! (But especially mine, she adds with cheerful selfishness.) I will be bribing people to come to my signing booth with posters of the Hiromu Arakawa-drawn Japanese art for Lexicon...

I am also nervous about leaving Ireland, since I have become possessed by the notion that it will fall to ruin the moment my back is turned. This conviction stems, I think, from the phone call I had with my mother yesterday.

Please note that this was the Third Stressful Phone Call of the day, though the other two were about business and I cannot discuss them as yet!

MOTHER: Sarah, thank God you're answering your phone. You have to be in touch more!
SARAH: *eyeroll* Oh, fine, Mother. What did I miss?
MOTHER: Your brother got stabbed!
SARAH: ... You win this round, madame.
MOTHER: Also your other brother is in a tournament and the grand prize is four million dollars and your sister bought a Pomeranian on the internet.
SARAH: This is all big news! But for one moment could we concentrate on the stabbing?

Don't worry, internet of my heart: my brother is fine. I mean, apparently, some crazy person likes to go around outdoor concerts in Ireland, stabbing people in the leg. Apparently, my brother was the eighth victim. So outdoor concerts are death traps, everyone stay inside with a good book!

But we Rees Brennans, we are an adventuring folk, used to strange stuff going down. My brother was just like 'Staple my leg, doctor, I'm off to France!'

He and his staples are now in France.

So you can see how I might be a little concerned about what could happen while I am away!

I am not nervous, however, but delighted to announce that The Demon's Lexicon is now out in Israel!

Isn't that an awesome picture of Nick? And I love that there is a building beside Nick: I have a lot of cities in these books, they are very urban urban fantasy, and the fact Nick is on a street next to a building I'm actually pretending is Liberty (a department store on Regent Street) pleases me. As does his messy hair. *ruffles mentally*

Also SPEAKING of covers, I am happy to announce that my US publisher has rejacketed new hardcovers of The Demon's Lexicon, with the same covers as the paperback, and thus that will match The Demon's Covenant.

I had no idea this was being done until one arrived at my door. I think it looks great in hardback - the red title really pops! Also I feel a little bit like a rock star because they did it.

And I wanted to let people who would like a Hardcover Set That Matches that one could be had. Since I expect this edition will be a bit of a rare bird, if you want it I would ask an independent store to order it for you. (If there's no independent near you, I would trust Books of Wonder, or Murder by the Book, or Kepler's, as awesome stores that would ship to you!)

Of course I say this feeling it doubtful anyone likes my books enough to go to this trouble! My mother wouldn't.

(Seriously... my mother wouldn't. I got her an early copy of The Demon's Covenant and she was like 'Eh, I'll wait for the cover I like better.' Family! All they do is scorn your presents, and get stabbed!)

Wish me luck in Florida! I hope you like the Hebrew edition, and I also hope that those of you displeased by unmatchiness are pleased by the news that American Matchiness Can Be Achieved.
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