Sarah Rees Brennan (sarahtales) wrote,
Sarah Rees Brennan

Title, Title, Who's Got A Title?

Me! I do!

You see, the third book in the Demon's Lexicon trilogy used to have a title, but then my editor (The Wise and Lovely Karen) said 'Well, but after my wise and lovely edits, the title no longer fits.'

'That's true,' I said, and wrote out a list of titles.

'Hmmm...' said TW&LK. 'Let me think about it.'

The time went on. I transitioned from casual, dignified inquired to piteous scritching at My Lovely Editor's door. 'Can I be titled yet?' I implored.

And as time passed, it emerged I had a clear favourite. But it would have to be sales and marketing's favourite as well...

And it is.

Today my editor said 'You can be titled, duchess.'

The third and final book in the Demon's Lexicon trilogy is


I love it, because more than one demon does quite a bit of surrendering. (Yes, especially the most important demon.) Plus, it's ominous, which I feel it should be. And it fits in with the rest of the series, which not every title we discussed did!

Plus now I get to refer to 2011 as the 'Year of Surrender.' Saucy.
Tags: year of surrender

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