Sarah Rees Brennan (sarahtales) wrote,
Sarah Rees Brennan

Hey, 2011! Hey, y'all!

Blog posts were a bit light on the ground in December, though I am super pleased you guys liked the Christmas present! I hope you all had a good holiday season, whatever you celebrate ('Off Work Celebration Week' being a fine festive time). And I hope you got good presents.

I was in fact blogging a bit during December, but not on my blog. Here are some blog posts I did make!

Christmas Couple

Money Island

Magic And Milk Bottles

I Am Totally Team Team

And okay, I didn't make this blog post, but YOU GUYS: Mae is a KITTEN! I love cats, and I love seeing my girl get some love.

Now I have been thinking about blog posts I would like to make, about Times I Have Been A Bad Feminist and Demon's Surrender and favourite couples and a Voyage of the Dawn Treader parody and news I will be able to tell you soon and pictures! I thought I'd start by showing you some excellent pictures and then think of what to do next! (Votes welcome.)

Fabulous artist Hanna Osadko drew me some illustrations for the Ukrainian edition of Demon's Lexicon, and I have been given permission to show you a few of them, with thanks to her, my translator and Bohdan publishing house!

Ain't they cool? I feel very lucky to have such awesomeness from 2010. It isn't the only illustrated edition of Demon's Lexicon out there. The Czech edition, published by Zoner Press, has saucy, naked demons. What more could one ask for?
Tags: book, cover, demon's lexicon, year of lexicon, year of surrender
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