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The Big News

Well, I have several pieces of news I have been forbidden to tell you guys for some time, but now I am finally allowed to tell you one very exciting bit of news!

If you have seen me at a signing, I have probably already told you, since I have no discretion whatsoever.


Film rights to Sarah Rees Brennan’s THE DEMON’S LEXICON, about two brothers hunted by a powerful magician's circle after their mother steals a charm and when the eldest is marked by a demon, the younger must save him but unwittingly uncovers the darkest of secrets, optioned to Parallel films (Triage starring Colin Farrell) by Kassie Evashevski at United Talent Agency, on behalf of Kristin Nelson at Nelson Literary Agency.

Ally Carter has done an awesome blog post on how movies are made, and what terms mean, but basically an option is Parallel saying 'Hmm, we would like to reserve the right to think about making Demon's Lexicon into a movie. It'll be our property to make for a year or so, how about that?' And if you are me, you say 'Sure!' and are delighted.

Parallel Films is amazing, and their films include Breakfast on Pluto and Intermission both of which star Cillian Murphy. They also do TV programs and miniseries...eses, one of which is Neverland, directed by Nick Willing (who directed SyFy's Alice, my favourite miniseries of the decade). Which is to say, I think if they do make a film (or hey, TV show or a miniseries) it will be amazing, and they won't skimp on any of the dark or risky bits of the book.

So I'm thrilled! But of course, another important factor is the fact I am super curious regarding who you guys think would be good to play the characters.

Parallel seems to like working with Cillian Murphy. I must say I am all for that. He can play any role he likes.

He can play Nick. He can play Alan. He can play Mae.

See? It would be awesome.

In timing that seems meant to be, I found a fanvid for possible Demon's Lexicon casting last night, which I thought was awesome. So: tell me your thoughts, ask me your questions about the process, and show me your pictures! I'd love to know what you think, and will tell you anything I know.
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