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Surrender to the Magic of SONG!

I am blue and not really capable of forming coherent sentences (some might argue that I never had this power!) so I thought it might be fun to be a bit silly and also to anticipate the run-up to Demon's Surrender. I did a soundtrack for the Demon's Lexicon here and talked about my Demon's Covenant songs basically all over the place.

Hence, this post, which is about songs I listened to while writing Demon's Surrender. (I have left out... some of the country songs. Because people don't always understand about Patty Loveless and Reba McEntire. But it would just be base lies to leave out Taylor Swift.)

Help I'm Alive, Metric

I tremble/They're going to eat me alive/If I stumble

Sin, and demons in general, and Anzu in particular.

Centre of Attention, Jackson Waters

You think you're the sun/The whole world revolves around you/The centre of attention/And everyone is drawn to you

You have to believe in the performance to fool the audience. Sin knows that.

I'd Lie, Taylor Swift

If you asked me if I love him/I'd lie

Taylor Swift is my MUSE. I don't know why! But also, this song is about love, and lies, and so obviously it fit in.

London Calling, the Clash

London calling to the faraway towns/now war is declared and battle come down/London calling to the underworld

Almost the entirety of Surrender is set in London: though I love skimming around England, in this book I thought it was best to have a crisis point and a focus point.

When You Love Someone, Bethany Dillon

Never felt like such a fool in front of anyone/I guess that's what you do when you love someone/If I fall I try a little harder and get back up/There's no way to ever really know/How to protect yourself or predict the outcome/You do anything when you love someone

The nature of love, as the characters are learning it: how painful and humiliating it can be, how stubborn about it you have to be.

Gotta Be Somebody, Nickelback

I'll be holding my breath/Right up til the end/Everyone wants to feel like someone cares/Someone to love with my life in their hands/There's got to be somebody for me like that

Alan being a hopeless romantic, emphasis on the hopeless, pining for and idealising human love: Mae, his aunt Natasha, and how he betrays it.

He's Not A Boy, The Like

He's not a boy that you can tame/He's not a boy that you can save

Nick, man. He's not really a boy at all, is the whole problem.

Short Skirt Long Jacket, Cake

I want a girl with a mind like a diamond/I want a girl who knows what's best/Who's fast, and thorough, and sharp as a tack/She's playing with her jewellery/She's putting up her hair/She's touring the facilities and picking up slack

This is cheating, as I used it for Covenant too, but while in Covenant it was for Mae, Annabel and Nick wishing someone would tell him what to do, in Surrender it's all those things and Sin's combined resentment, admiration and empathy with a take-charge lady (Mae) and ambition to be one (Merris)

Jack the Giant Killer, The Nields

Go lock your door/I'm strong I'm sure/I'll knock you down

Sin - Mae being a heroine without magical or asskicking powers is important to me, but I also love asskicking, and it was tremendous fun to write from the point of view of a heroine who could do it. More than that, who's an athlete - her body her weapon, in several ways. (So much ballet and gymnastics watched!) And then there's the fact that with Sin I got to explore a very different sibling bond - when your siblings are much younger than you and they're all you have, you have to be so strong for them.

Tanglewood Tree, Tracy Grammer & Dave Carter

Love is a light in the sky, and an unspoken lie/And a half-whispered prayer/Love is... cold when the summer is spent/In the jade heart's lament/For the faith of a child

About kids growing up really fast, and that love, the light in the sky, may be a city burning.

Love Remains The Same, Gavin Rossdale

Half the time the world is ending/Truth is I am done pretending/I never thought that I had any more to give/You're pushing me so far/That here I am without you

What do you do when you lose someone you love - does the love still count? Do you change back, to who you were before that person? If not, how do you change?

Everything Changes, Staind

I am the mess you chose/The closet you cannot close/The devil in you, I suppose

Or, Demons Will Ruin Your Life Forever, Signed, Alan, Jamie, Mae and Sin.

The Book of Love, Peter Gabriel

The book of love is long and boring/And written very long ago/It's full of flowers and heart-shaped boxes/And things we're all too young to know

Part of the joy and tragedy of YA is that it's all about horrible things happening to really young people! And seeing what they do about it, and what gets them through.

Shattered, Trading Yesterday

Yesterday I died/Tomorrow's bleeding/The future's open wide/Beyond believing/And I've lost who I am/And I can't understand

Some... bad... stuff... is going to happen? And some... everybody... is going to be pretty upset!

So, who has songs for particular books? I remember I had a playlist for L.J. Smith, back in the day. (She was my Stephenie Meyer in all ways possible!)


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Jan. 20th, 2011 03:14 pm (UTC)
Yay, a soundtrack! I love the perspective on Sin some of these songs offer.
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:18 pm (UTC)
Aw, thank you! I am aware I have done a very crazy thing with my change of protagonist, and am hoping it comes off okay, because pov switching and changed perspectives on everything are so dear to me. ;)
(no subject) - scrtkpr - Jan. 20th, 2011 03:29 pm (UTC) - Expand
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:17 pm (UTC)
*makes a note to look all of these up*

Taylor Swift is pretty awesome!
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:19 pm (UTC)
I love her, mine not to reason why, and every Jamie scene in Covenant was written to Fifteen.
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:18 pm (UTC)
I am also feeling a bit blue today, so thank you for the songs! I also adore that Jackson Waters song, along with Come Undone.
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:22 pm (UTC)
Also a gorgeous song! Hope you feel better soonly.
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:19 pm (UTC)
Nice choices! I can't wait for TDS to come out, though I fear for the characters. I hope you feel better!

As for songs, I always equate To The Dogs Or Whoever by Josh Ritter to be a Percy and Annabeth song from Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & The Olympians series. Upbeat, romantic, ocean-and-mythology based.

Also as of late I always think of Seb when I hear I've Got It All (Most) by Modest Mouse. Especially the lines:

I've got it all most
I've got it all almost all figured out
but always when I get there
always when I get there all the pieces they just fall apart


how consistent
how can someone so consistently mess up as much as
every instance
how can someone inconsistent mess up so consistently

Edited at 2011-01-20 03:21 pm (UTC)
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:25 pm (UTC)
I love Josh Ritter! And how awesome to have a Seb song at last, thank you. That does really ring true for me - poor Seb, he spends much of life staggering around going 'What did I just DO!'
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:23 pm (UTC)
Reba and The Clash are brilliant, but I can't think of Taylor Swift without thinking of this Doonesbury comic: http://cdn.svcs.c2.uclick.com/c2/3f5916f0d8e6012da5c400163e41dd5b
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:32 pm (UTC)
*clutches Taylor* The heart wants what it wants.
(no subject) - blamebrampton - Jan. 20th, 2011 03:41 pm (UTC) - Expand
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:23 pm (UTC)
Hmm, inneresting. Thanks for the insight. (Do you like Taylor Swift's new album?)
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:29 pm (UTC)
I do, but oh Taylor please do not sneer at what other ladies like to do on mattresses!
(no subject) - (Anonymous) - Jan. 21st, 2011 03:53 pm (UTC) - Expand
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:24 pm (UTC)
I love seeing authors' soundtracks, what they were listening to and thinking of when they wrote a particular book. I've forced a couple of my authors to write these, just because I love them. Complete with annotations about why the song mattered to the book.

Also, I adore Cake, and Patty Loveless haters need to step off.
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:29 pm (UTC)
The Patty Loveless song, then, in full confession, is 'That Kind of Girl' - 'I'm not the woman in red, I'm not the girl next door' because arranging ladies into types is loopy.
(no subject) - firynze - Jan. 20th, 2011 03:32 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - tikiera - Jan. 20th, 2011 05:56 pm (UTC) - Expand
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:25 pm (UTC)
I have always loved you (not in a scary stalker way, promise) but now I love you EVEN MORE, for you have a Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer song on your soundtrack, and it's one of my FAVORITE Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer songs. Their true-life story, so beautiful and SO TRAGIC. I saw her in concert a few months ago and you can tell she still misses him years later, she's still singing their songs and telling stories about their time together, it's sad and beautiful all at once. Also their music fuels so much of my own creative process . . . I swear my writing is entirely made up of music and PG Tips. That has precisely NOTHING to do with ANYTHING but anyway . . . can't wait for Demon's Surrender. Still. Again. Thanks for sharing the soundtrack, I love writing soundtracks.
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:34 pm (UTC)
I admit, as with 'Winter Song' for Covenant, 'Tanglewood Tree' was on my list at first because of a mishearing. I thought a lyric was 'my body is an ocean and my heart is a name.' But, I still think it works, and it's beeeeyoootiful.
(no subject) - greenwoman.wordpress.com - Jan. 20th, 2011 03:41 pm (UTC) - Expand
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:41 pm (UTC)
Ooh, I cannot wait for book EVEN MORE now. I, for one, am very excited for the Sin pov. I like her, and I like the dynamic between her and Mae.

I did once make mental attachments between every song on a Sarah McLachlan album to various aspects of, I'll be honest, the HP fandom. I still can't hear those songs without thinking of the characters, so ... kind of a mixed blessing there.
Jan. 20th, 2011 03:53 pm (UTC)
I'm looking forward to Sin's POV. *grins*

As far as songs for characters or books, a friend of mine recently pointed out that The Mountain Goats' Tallahassee is in many ways perfect for The Vampire Diaries (the TV one), and not just because he's using vampirism as a metaphor on that album--the lyrics really fit way too well.

And "Karma Police" is my song for the thing I'm currently writing. Girls and explosions, oh yes.
Jan. 20th, 2011 04:19 pm (UTC)
i had a really rather painful soundtrack for the Draco Trilogy. which was pretty lame, but in my head each song belonged to a character, and when i reread it, it's not right without the accompanying soundtrack :P. it's like, savage garden "truly madly deeply" (for all the couples, including the heterosexual ones) and "bother" by stone sour (for draco) and "adrienne" by the calling (i dunno why il be honest) and "heaven" (acousticy version) by dj sammy (obv sung by ginny or hermione :P) and "what my heart wants to say" by (odear) gareth gates (by harry for hermione! adorable) and "through her eyes" by dream theatre (sung by sirius for james and lily or summit).

ah the songs we think we're allowed to like when we're teenagers ^^.
Jan. 20th, 2011 05:00 pm (UTC)
Suzanne Vega + Mercedes Lackey.

In particular, the first book of Vanyel's story:

In Liverpool
The boy in the belfry is crazy
He's throwing himself
Down from the top of the tower
Like a hunchback in heaven
He's ringing the bells in the church for the last half an hour
He sounds like he's missing something
or someone that he knows
he can't have now
And if he isn't
I certainly am.
Jan. 20th, 2011 05:05 pm (UTC)
Oh yes, books and soundtracks. ooooh yes.

Sometimes they are inadvertent, like when I first heard St. Paul's Suite (Holst) I was thrown back several years to when I was crouched on the deck of a junky Channel crossing boat in a December storm, reading Gone With the Wind for the first time. I simply could not shake GWTW from my head when I heard that piece of music--still can't, four decades later.
Meri Powell
Jan. 20th, 2011 05:10 pm (UTC)
For me, it's ALL about Brand New.

For Nick and Alan, Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot:

If it makes you less sad
I will die by your hand
I hope you find out what you want
I already know what I am
And if it makes you less sad
We'll start talking again
And you can tell me how vile
I already know that I am

I'll grow old
And start acting my age
I'll be a brand new day
In a life that you hate
A crown of gold
A heart that's harder than stone
And it hurts a whole lot
But it's missed when it's gone

Call me a safe bet
I'm betting I'm not
I'm glad that you can forgive
Only hoping as time goes
You can forget

(The whole thing's perfect but it's really long...)

And for Nick and Mae, Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis:

I got desperate desires and unadmirable plans
My tongue will taste of gin and malicious intent
Bring you back to the bar
Get you out of the cold
My sober, straight face gets you out of your clothes
And they're scared that we know
All the crimes they'll commit
Who they'll kiss before they get home

I will lie awake
Lie for fun and fake the way I hold you
Let you fall for every empty word I say

Barely conscious in the door where you stand
Your eyes are fighting sleep while your mouth makes your demands
You laugh at every word trying hard to be cute
I almost feel sorry for what I'm gonna do
And your hair smells of smoke
Who will cast the first stone?
You can sin or spend the night all alone

Brass buttons on your coat hold the cold
In the shape of a heart that they cut out of stone
You're using all your looks that you've thrown from the start
If you let me have my way I swear I'll tear you apart
Cause it's all you can be

There's loads more as well but I don't want to get TOO boring :D Just reread Lexicon and Covenant because I'm getting ridiculously excited about Surrender, so I've been a-pondering of late.
Jan. 20th, 2011 05:41 pm (UTC)
Oooh, awesome. I must listen to both forthwith!
Jan. 20th, 2011 05:20 pm (UTC)
I love this post!!! That is right the kind of things that I'm too curious to know about one of my favorite writer.
Thank you!
About music that I immediatly relate to one book, there are too much songs and too much books, but maybe for me no one song is so immediatly linked to a book like "Wonderful life" by Black with "The Crystal Cave" by Mary Stewart.
It's one of my favorite books and, if I just hear a few notes of the song, a lot of random images from the novel come out of my mind, vivid like if I had read it yesterday.
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