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The Promotion Notion: Win The Only ARC of the Demon's Surrender

So today is the day I launch the contest for my one and only advance copy of The Demon's Surrender.

'I only have one copy,' I wailed to people unlucky enough to be in earshot. 'What on earth can I ask for? I loved last year's art and vids and songs! How do I decide between different things?'

'Maybe,' said, or rather shouted because I was wailing, these wise people, 'if the things all had the same aim.'

So the Promotion Notion was born. And it is: to enter, do anything you like for the Demon's Lexicon series. Make a Demon's Lexicon t-shirt and wear it. Do art, make a vid, make up a song or a poem. Do a book reading at a library. Make a flier for your library. Read Demon's Lexicon for your next book group. Put up the banner below, created by the lovely orexisbella, on your blog. Write an online essay or review. Something fun, something creative. Anything you can come up with, in short.

Edited to Add: The selection will be made by a small panel of impartial judges. There will also be other prizes, some handed out randomly and some chosen by judges, and I will show them to you as the month goes on. I will try to make them fabulous!

Note: Probably actual crimes, like stealing a plane to sky-write SURRENDER TO DEMONS across the sky, should not occur. You will likely be jailed for being a thieving demon-lover. (I would be so impressed I might call you and read the book to you, but it would not be worth it. Crime doesn't pay.)

And comment here, post on marmalade_fish or email me at with your links or pictures or just telling us what you did.

Let the Promotion Notion commence! And thank you very much in advance to all those who participate in it. I hope you will have fun. The contest will run for one month and end on April 7th, so get ready, get set...
Tags: giveaway, promotion notion, year of surrender
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