Sarah Rees Brennan (sarahtales) wrote,
Sarah Rees Brennan

Well I'm Back...

First things first: if I owe you email or indeed hard cash, I am terribly sorry! Pneumonia has spent its time kicking my ass and calling me Sally.

Even with this inconvenient illness, I had a wonderful time in America! It was fabulous to meet everyone in Boston, Chicago and New York, and answer very smart questions, and bibble to people about books - thank you very much to everyone who came, and I hope you had fun. I did many secret things, scooped up a vast pile of books, and am currently deep in edits of Whisper.

There is a very lovely write-up of the Boston Diversity in YA event, and all of us chatting. Also afterward, I cornered Malinda Lo to tell her how much she inspiiiires me.

This is just how I roll at events. In New York, it also went a bit like this.

GAIL CARSON LEVINE: One cat and one ogre walk into a room. Cat walks out.
SARAH: creepy stare of love
SARAH: Oh yes, I've just thought of another shameful story to tell you guys!

Books of Wonder (, 18 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011, 212 989-3270) also have bookplate-signed Demon's Surrenders from June 14th! If people would like one.

Speaking of Demon's Surrender, then I returned home and found my UK and Irish editions of Demon's Surrender had arrived! I have spent my time dancing the set of three (trilogy accomplished!) up and down the mantelpiece.

And there is going to be a Trilogy Accomplished! event in my native land.

Eason's Bookshop
O'Connell Street, Dublin

Thursday, June 23rd

John Stephens, author of The Emerald Atlas, and Sarah Rees Brennan, author of the Demon's Lexicon trilogy, read, do Q&A, sign books and tell all

Tickets are Free .... and can be obtained by calling 01-8583815. (Or if you just want to mosey on by, we'd love to have you.)

Given my usual ways, John Stephens will have to be strong.
Tags: events, year of surrender
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