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The Sinning May Now Commence

Trilogy accomplished!

The Demon's Lexicon series has always been a bit of a changeling in the crib. About family in a Time of Great YA Romance, changing narrators every book ('what is the woman thinking? Is she mad?'), a hero of great jerkitude who does not have being in love to excuse him, gay characters, having the word 'demon' in the titles, and full of many other weirdo bad-marketing decisions I have made.

Those who wanted to read them and liked them despite all my weirdo decisions: thank you. One writer I know once said of me to another writer: 'She has the best fans' and I do. You show up at events in huge numbers, you write me emails that make me cry, you sing me songs that make me laugh, celebrate with me, and are generally completely awesome.

You guys, and your response to the books, has made me feel that I've created something I can be really proud of.

And I am really proud. They were my first books. I've never worked on anything so hard in my life before. I've never loved anything (anything - obviously, people are different - Mum, don't hang up) so much in my life before.

So goodbye to Nick, Alan, Mae, Jamie, Sin, Seb, Gerald, the Market and all the bridges, and here's an end to an adventure that started with me lying on a kitchen floor in England, stunned because the one big dream of my life was coming true. There will be more adventures, and I am so excited for and hopeful about them. Thank you all, so much, for coming on this first adventure with me. I hope you like the end of it.

To celebrate the release of The Demon's Surrender today, I announce this as an open thread. Discuss, ask me anything, start fights, whatever you like! (NOTE: This means there will necessarily be huge spoilers for the whole series in the comments! Beware spoilers. SPOILERS EVERYWHERE.)
Tags: demon's lexicon, year of surrender
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