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The Last Lexicon Short Story

M'dears, I am so sorry this is late! Here is the free short story to celebrate the release of The Demon's Surrender.

It will (probably - there are few guarantees in Sarahland) be the last Lexicon story. Here are all the short stories written previously in the Lexicon universe.

Should you not have read one or all of the Lexicon books, well: they are now all out, a beauteous set of three. Mayyyybe you would like to read them.

If you have read the books, I thank you more than I can say, and I hope you enjoy this present.

All The Way Back Where We Started From: Even evil magicians hate their boss. (Featuring Hnikarr.)

All The Way Back Where We Started From: the last Lexicon short storyCollapse )
Tags: short story, year of surrender

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