April 24th, 2009

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A Graphic Post

Since I have recently been grumbling about telling stories with pictures, I thought I would... tell some stories with pictures in them! People were so kind as to ask how my signing in London went.


SARAH: Oh my goodness, is that my book? Is it real? Can I touch it?
S&S LADY (one moment after picture was taken): Are you here to steal - oh, it's Sarah.
SARAH: ... I may be here to steal.


I was sure nobody would show up to my signing, but then there was a queue! And a little poster of the book - and lots of books for me to sign and therefore touch and be sure were real - and a few people who read this journal showed up, for which I thank them very much! One of them even brought me brownies. They were delicious!

Of course by then I knew something awful was bound to happen. I was braced for fire, or zombie clowns.

KINDLY MAN (looks concerned): Did you know...
SARAH (in her head): Ohmygosh, my dress is torn in a crucial and embarrassing place! My hair is on fire! A zombie clown is bearing down over my left shoulder right now!
KINDLY MAN: There's something in your teeth.
SARAH: Oh well, that's okay!
KINDLY MAN: *startled*
SARAH: You know. Comparatively.

So the signing was wonderful, though I was really nervous, and there were also several excellent parties, and I met four of my amazing foreign publishers and had a lovely time. My Taiwanese publisher gave me cakes made of flowers from the mountains of Taiwan.

The London Book Fair? A very good time, and you totally clean up in the sweets department.

I know you guys like to look at the covers for different countries and speculate on the differences (or maybe that's just me, and I make you all do it...) so here are some new covers!

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Oooh, and today is my release day in Japan! *is overcome, goes to fainting couch*