April 25th, 2009


Happy Easter to


You are all getting copies of Damsel! Please email me at sarahreesbrennan@gmail.com to collect your fabulous prize.

Also happy Easter to everyone else! I know you like movie parodies, so I wrote you one. This parody requires a slight preliminary explanation, however.

Shockingly enough, it was a grey and rainy day in Dublin when it happened. Chiara, Jennet Wilde and I were not our usual chipper girlish selves, as we had been up late at a house party in the Cherry Bomb, and had then been Cinderelling away traces of the resulting catastrophe all morning. We were recovering with cups of tea and asking each other ‘No, but seriously, who invited the aliens bent on world destruction, and why did they bring confetti?’ when it occurred to us that we should go for savoury pancakes and see a movie. We collected Caitriona, a partner in crime, and went for pancakes and then to the movie.

The movie Chiara wanted to see was sold out. I saw a poster with a unicorn and Horatio Hornblower (or the actor who played him, good enough, good enough) on it.

‘This one,’ I said urgently. ‘This one, this one, this one please!’

… To this day, they have not quite forgiven me.

The movie was The Secret of Moonacre, based (I understand very loosely) on the book The Little White Horse. I loved the movie, mostly because of how entirely bizarre it was.

Let me tell you all about it!

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