May 2nd, 2009


The Dark Retributinator

I went home yesterday for my brother Saul's birthday. I was checked at the door to make sure I'd brought sweets from the Cherry Bomb bakery, but since my heart was pure and my hands were full of chocolate-dipped gingerbread men, they let me in.

Once in, we all ate Mama's famous and traditional call to the Chinese takeaway, Rory showed me his latest Poker Champion youtube video (Someone used the words 'Irish James Bond.' It wasn't me. That's all I'm saying) and then it was time for presents.

Saul, spoiled creature that he is, got a car for his birthday. This caused much excitement. It was black, so the first decision we had to make was what to name it.

SAUL: Phoenix doesn't need a reason!
RORY: The Dark Knight.
GENEVIEVE: That one's taken.
RORY: The Dark Horse. The Dark Incident That Landed Saul In A Ditch. The Dark-
GENEVIEVE: The Dark Retributinator!
SARAH: What?
GENEVIEVE (sternly): The Dark Avenger was taken.

Then Saul, Genevieve and I climbed into the car. My sister is blonde, gorgeous, a big fan of The Graduate (book not film) and a very practical person: she's a very efficient driver.

Since I am blind in one eye and thus have no depth perception and obviously a blind side, plus the fact that I could be described as an excitable personality, my own driving has never been any great shakes. Plus my nerves get the best of me.

GENEVIEVE: So then you start the car-
SARAH: Don't drive into a tree!
GENEVIEVE: Sarah, there are no trees.
SARAH: I am just giving general good advice. Dispensing wisdom. It is my job as a big sister.
GENEVIEVE: And then you reverse back very slowly - there's nothing to be nervous about-
SARAH: There are no seatbelts in the back seat! Let me out of this thing, I want to live!
GENEVIEVE: And now we're going to shift carefully into second gear, which means-

Saul looked a bit pale once we were done. He's decided to take lessons from a trained professional.

My familial duties done, I came back home to a box of my UK author copies. Having spent hours and hours thinking of how they would look and how I would love them and how it would be to read one and how they would seem on shelves, having twenty-odd of them is very... odd. A little disconcerting. I have a great big box! I may as well admit that I have taken the Finnish edition and the UK edition and made them do battle.

The big box is dwindling, of course, as I am meant to use them for promotion, but I could not resist doing one giveaway, particularly as I know people like my (extremely awesome) UK cover. So here's the giveaway, kindly hosted by Rick O'Shea, on I get to pick the winner, and if you ask me nicely, I may give you pointers!

As this is The Month Before the Book Comes Out (TM), I am terribly busy, making more bookmarks, sending off authors' copies to people, spiralling into madness... Ahem. I mean, trying to help my awesome publisher arrange events.

Lovely events! Where the author gets to talk to you about her book, and you get to talk back. And the book gets signed and the favourite-colour bookmark is chosen, and probably if it is me, something embarrassing happens at some point.

Now with first-time authors, you don't generally get to do many events, as, well, you have no fans yet. 'Random McAuthor?' people say. 'Am currently using her book as a draught excluder. It's a good draught excluder, but that's really no reason to go see her...' Often if debut authors get to do events, they do them with Seasoned and Experienced Authors, as then we can have company and fun and also, they have fans who will actually come to events. In July this side of the pond Cassandra Clare and I have a gig or two, and Americans, I have an exciting thing to tell you, but I have been told I cannot tell you yet. (I obey my publishers implicitly! This is because I kind of fear they have ninjas they haven't told me about, who may be unleashed on me at any moment.)

So for the UK in June, I will mostly be going to schools, because there I will have a trapped audience! I will hand out sweets and tell stories and try to make my audience's term of imprisonment not too painful. But for those of us not in school, I did think that some people might show up for a London event! So I thought to sound out you guys: what say you to a London event, yea or nay?

In book news that is not my book news, today I found and instantly bought a copy of Kelley Armstrong's The Awakening, the sequel to The Summoning which I just loved and recommended here earlier. I spun in a circle in the bookshop, instantly bought two other books mostly to reward the bookshop for having The Awakening, mocked The Durham Lass because she would not be able to buy it until next week and only just restrained myself from buying a Sony ereader out of general happiness about the universe. I have been pining for this book for a year, and it is finally here! So now, I am off to read it.