May 12th, 2009


I wish I could say the countdown has eaten my brain...

But the truth is, I've always been like this.

This weekend we were hosting the leaving party for Chiara, co-inhabitant of the Cherry Bomb and my best friend since we were eight: as I understand it, she has been appointed Queen of Slovenia and thus has to go administer her new land.

Happily for my sanity the Durham Lass is moving into the Cherry Bomb and so I will not be left totally desolate, but still, let that be a lesson to us all not to follow brilliant bilingual green-eyed girls home from the library. They will only leave you three weeks before your book comes out, in order to become queen!

Now, at the party I was explaining my great sorrow that after having Salome the Macbook for a mere couple of days, she had to go back to the shop because her capslock key was broken.

SARAH: And then the guy at the shop was like 'Is that a big deal'? Of course it's a big deal! How else do I make capital letters!
ASTOUNDED POPULACE: Well... there's always the shift key.
ASTOUNDED POPULACE: You press it and it makes a capital letter and then you don't need to press it again to make it go lowercase. Labour saving!
SARAH: ... O my God.
THE EVIL ONE: This is like the time we found out she'd been throwing out her watches because she thought they stopped because the tiny clockwork mechanisms inside were malfunctioning.

Feel free to point and laugh at me! I think that's only fair.

Despite not being responsible for my general idiocy, the countdown to release has eaten what there is of my brains. But it is worth it, because from my crazed dashes to the post office, my strange emails to many different people, and my bubble baths in which every day I read my editorial letter and scribble rewrites of The Demon's Covenant onto increasingly damp pieces of paper, there has come stuff!

1. I am doing a chat with four other YA authors called Sarah tonight at 9 pm eastern time, in which I will be talking about such interesting things as world domination and books. See here for details if you would like to chat with us!

2. My London event has been confirmed!

MONDAY, June 8
6:00 pm
Meet & greet and book signing
Murder One Film Club, HOME Club,
101-106 Leonard Street
Shoreditch, East London

7.30 pm - Showing of the movie of my choice!

The movie screening is, I think, only open to some due to screening laws regulations, but is it not awesome to have an activity? And the event is open to all: please do come, as I have a vision of myself standing forlornly as the tumbleweeds blow past. Sometimes in the vision, I try to sign books for the tumbleweeds.

3. Holy lasagna, I have been compared to Diana Wynne Jones at! Now I can die. I mean, I'd still rather not die, but I am overwhelmed all the same.

4. And lastly, it occurs to me that soon I will have to stop using the tag 'stumbling towards publication' since I will have actually stumbled into publication. So since some of you guys have been lovely enough to say you found the stumbling towards publication posts interesting, I wanted to say: here, use this post to ask any stumbling towards publication questions I haven't answered! And I will try to answer them, to the best of my limited ability.

In fact ask any questions you can think of! But bear in mind, you ask them of a feeble brain that has only just learned about the shift key...