June 5th, 2009


Release Week Rocks On

On release day I went out with my best people, and we toasted the book by moonlight at the side of the canal. My fabulous publisher sent champagne, my fabulous best friend sent flowers in red and gold to match the US cover, and the delivery man bearing these gifts was under the mistaken impression that I must have had a terrible fight with my boyfriend.

DELIVERY MAN: Ah, love, he's sorry! Forgive him!
SARAH (sunnily): I will.

I did not want the delivery man to be sad about my imaginary romantic woes on that day.

Some of the comments here and on marmalade_fish have almost made me cry. In a good way!

My sister and brother, however, keep my feet on the ground.

GENEVIEVE: I'll probably read your book. After I read Twilight.
SARAH: I am your sister!
GENEVIEVE: Your book isn't a MOVIE.
SARAH: Well, no.
SARAH: All that you say is true, but I still feel betrayed!

I brought Saul my audiobook, so that he could listen to it in the gym. He proposed a deal: he would listen if I would watch his new show, The Inbetweeners, with him. It is a tale of the hideously embarrassing lives four English schoolboys lead.

SARAH: Oh those poor boys. Oh those poor poor boys. *cries*
SAUL: No, it's funny... Do you not want to watch any more?
SARAH: No keep playing it! Maybe their lives will get better!
SAUL: I think you might be missing a point, here.

Mostly I am still too overcome to make much sense, but do not fear, I still have many tales written for you in the time when I was coherent!

As coherent as I ever am, that is.

The Exclusive and Extremely Embarrassing Full Story of My First Kiss

I have also done a couple of interviews with friends:an interview with speculative casting and an interview with another hapless adventure of mine.

This Saturday at 4 pm GMT, we're having an online Demon's Lexicon release party/readalong/Q&A here. The password is zombieboyfriend. ;) Rumours that I plan to wear a tiara the whole time may be entirely accurate.

And this Sunday I fly away to London, to begin my tour in England. Which is both thrilling and terrifying - I keep inventing scenarios like getting lost on the moors where eventually, starving, my publicist will have to eat me in order to survive.

The tour starts Monday the 8th, Murder One Film Club, 101-106 Leonard Street, Shoreditch, London EC2, at 6:00 pm. 7:30 pm we will be showing HELLBOY - if you'd definitely like to see the movie, email trisha @ murderone.co.uk for a place.

I will be there. And I will try to be here, blogging about my adventures on tour.

... Hopefully nobody will be eaten. But you never know.