June 11th, 2009


England And Me

This week I have spent touring around England - visiting schools in London, Bath and Yorkshire. I also had a most excellent launch party in London, where I met squillions of fabulous people and was given lovely presents. I started eating my cookies on the train ride home.

SUSAN: You are not eating cookies given to you by strangers!
SARAH: I am not. I am eating cookies given to me by awesome people. There was a forcefield around my event, you see. It meant only awesome people were allowed in.
SUSAN: ...
SARAH: If you don't believe me, explain why the whole place was filled with awesome people?

Ladies and gentlemen, she could not.

Which is not to say that I did not suffer from my usual round of terrible embarrassment.

There was a giant poster of The Demon's Lexicon cover in the window, which all admired. Then it was suggested that I should have my picture taken with it.

Then it was suggested that perhaps I should give Nick a kiss.

No, I said. Absolutely not. I would feel VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. I totally refuse.

So of course...


I thought that school visits were going to be rather terrifying, but they turned out to be great fun! I talked to classes full of most awesome students about books and movies and defeating evil overlords, and I threw sweets at them and read out bits from my book and told them all the terrible stories I have about myself.

... Okay, I did almost take a girl's eye out with a packet of fruit pastilles, but apart from that. In one school there was even a girl who read this journal, which felt like having a friend there.

Naturally, my rashness got me into trouble again.

BOYS: Will you sign a postcard?
SARAH: I will sign anything and anyone!
BOYS: In that case... will you sign my chest?
SARAH: No. Absolutely not. I would feel VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. I totally refuse.

So of course I did. I hope the police are not coming for me.

Since I am still not all that coherent, I do have goodies for you elsewhere.

Pictures of Attractive People, or Inspirations and Influences of The Demon's Lexicon

Playlist for The Demon's Lexicon

I am still terrified as to how the book is going to do, and whether people will like it, and whether I will do a Good Job as An Author, but I had a brilliant time on my English tour. So - thank you, England!