June 16th, 2009


Free Books! Many Links! Vampires!

All right, so I have many many nice things to show you guys, and wish to present them in an organised fashion.

Organisation is not really my strong suit, as the Durham Lass became forcibly aware as she entered my bedchamber yesterday so we could watch True Blood together.

DURHAM LASS: Is this meant to be like, an obstacle course with vampires as the prize?
SARAH: Vampires would be a good prize.
DURHAM LASS: I almost tripped on a rogue fruit pastille there. I WAS ALMOST DEAD FROM FRUIT PASTILLES.
SARAH: Well, they can be very dangerous if you don't have the expertise to handle them...

So first things first, for those of you who have already read the book and want more/haven't read the book but might still be interested, what the heck - go here and click for the Original First Chapter of The Demon's Lexicon. As you can see, it is totally different from the actual first chapter, which I thought might be interesting. I hope you guys will enjoy it!

Some of you expressed a wish for downloadable bookmarks, so here's a bookmark and some avatars handily available. I am going to put up wallpapers too, I think!

Now I promised you free books, and here's the first: Demon's Lexicon giveaway, plus scroll down to see the already-mentioned playlist and AN INCREDIBLY SPOILERY INTERVIEW, with hints for Demon's Covenant.

Me, talking about writing and publication and the spaces between and among other things, an interview where I confess what I eat with ketchup on it.

On the subject of not books but art (but secretly still books) the unrelentingly awesome orexisbella commissioned art for the four main characters of The Demon's Lexicon from draykonis, and I wanted you all to see, because she did a spectacular job.

And while on the subject of awesome art, I cannot even tell you how much I laughed at these two pictures of our heroes fighting vicious monsters.

'Sarah,' my readers may say sternly at this point. 'You have indeed delivered on your promise of many links. But, some of us already HAVE The Demon's Lexicon, and would like a DIFFERENT free book. Also, you have delivered very few vampires.'

And this is true.

I have spoken of the Eternal Kiss vampire anthology, and all the awesome authors in it, before. It's not out until July, but I have, uh, obtained an Advance Reader's Copy.

Okay, I'll tell you how.

SARAH CROSS, or SAVVY: Hi, Sarah! I was just at Book Expo America, where they give away free books!
SARAH: Must you mock me with free books I do not have? I call that cruel.
SAVVY: Yes, that's why I enjoy it. But also I have something to tell you! I got a copy of The Eternal Kiss! I'm so excited it has stories by Holly Black and Kelley Armstrong and-
SARAH: And me.
SAVVY: And Karen Mahoney and Cassandra Clare and Rachel Caine and-
SAVVY: Oh yeah. Well, I can't wait to read it.
SARAH: Can I have it? I want to give it away.
SAVVY: No you cannot have MY BOOK. Don't give away things that DON'T BELONG TO YOU. Thief! Thief-
SARAH: So I'm just going to go put up the contest on my livejournal now. Thanks, Savvy.

I wish to do a Contest for the Eternal Kiss ARC I have stolen liberated, as follows. Pray put up a picture of The Demon's Lexicon - with you, in a weird place, in a bookshop, riding on the back of a baby elephant, wherever - and link me to it!

You can use the same pictures for the DL photo contest here - then you could have TWO prizes.

You may be unconvinced that you want the ARC of The Eternal Kiss. I could convince you with an excerpt from Holly Black's The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, which is one of my favourite short stories in all the world - except I don't actually own any of those words, and might be fed to killer cats if I decided to use them.

Probably an excerpt of my own is okay though, so here's a snippet from my story Undead Is Very Hot Right Now, featuring a vampire in a boyband.

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If you think vampires might indeed be a good prize, show me some pictures!