June 18th, 2009

shame about the crazy

My Big Idea

Today is the day of my Irish book launch, everyone! I am completely nervous, especially as My Family will be there: loving, supportive and in my mother's case, possibly adjusting my neckline. Wish me luck!

Before I tell you all my Big Idea (TM) I have a couple more links for you, otherwise known as Sarah Rees Brennan, ladies and gentleman, wittering all over the internet.

We Are Walking Over Bones: Building A Magical England - me talking about world-building.

Not actually me at all, but look - my book is the header for my German publishers' website! I love it, and my German publisher. (Can anyone tell me what it says...? ETA: It says 'Summon the demons, but control them! The amazing debut of a young fantasy author. Breathtaking suspense with Sarah Rees Brennan.' Kids, summon demons! I like Random House Germany's style. :))

I was also embarrassingly pleased by this lovely review at Tor.com, which is full of spoilers, do not click if you have not read!

And finally, over at bittenbybooks.com, who have also given me a wonderful review, we're having an interview, online Q&A party, and giveaway with goodie bags. Live Now!

Now for My Big Idea.

As we all know, these are tricky economic times, and one of the luxuries about the place are hardback books. Which makes this an extreeeeemely nervous time for me as a New Writer who nobody knows of to buy. (Well, aside from you guys, for whom I am deeply and always thankful.)

However it would be pretty yucky of me, not to mention rather dull, to wander around playing on my tiny violin to the tune of 'Buuuuuy myyyy book.' Nobody likes the tinny sound of that little violin, anyway.

But I thought I could do something else that is proactive, and rather fun.

I have My Sources of knowing how the book is doing, and I thought I could keep track. (ETA: This only applies to the American/Canadian hardcover, as it is the only one I know how to get numbers for.) And if one week the book is at a certain number (which I will tell a friend, who will not allow me to cheat, and which will not be too high because, well, hard times, I am not with the crazy optimism) then I will write and put up a short story.

Next week, if it's the number again, the same.

Next week, the same.

Another week, number drops, I don't write a story, no harm, no foul.

I am a little nervous about this idea. Partly because I fear if I implement it, I will never sleep again. Partly because I fear it will look like holding people hostage for my short stories, or something.

But I did think that it might be fun, and a way to celebrate good numbers should they happen, and as a thank you to people which might be nice for them. And as something that might make people think 'Hmmm, I need a gift for someone - oh hey, it would be also be good to have something to read next week' and 'Maybe I'll wait for paperback - oh wait, I could probably use something to read in the office next week, maybe I'll pick it up now' which might be nice for me.

Plus some more people might come along and go 'oh hey, story' and then 'I would like a new story plus I might like the book, to the Batmobile, away!' And that would be nice for everyone, even Batman.

So possibly all-around a win.

Plus I am firmly of the opinion that free content 1) sells books and 2) is awesome, and thought it might be a good way to prove this.

So that's what I'm doing, starting now. The first short story may be up this day week!

I am currently thinking, though different opinions are welcome, stories would be set in The Demon's Lexicon universe but contain no spoilers, as I love my tiny extremely nice fandom and how everyone's trying not to spoil the Australians and others who can't get it. If you'd like different kinds of stories, please tell me so! If you have specific ideas on what kind of stories in The Demon's Lexicon universe you'd like, please tell me that too.

In fact, any ideas on My Big Idea, I would love to hear.
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