July 1st, 2009

black arthur

It is Raining Prizes, But Not Short Stories

So to open with the bad news, sales are steady but missed the mark, so we will not have Part 2 of
Sorcerer and Stone this week. With luck, next week! Tell all your friends, family and genetically modified household pets who know how to read.

And now for the good news!

The winner of the Demon's Lexicon Thanks for Linking Back Prize Pack is inbedwithbooks - email me at sarahreesbrennan@gmail.com with your address for shiny knife charm, books and all.

The winner of Shiver is wednesdayschild.

And the winner of Ice is lotuseyes. Both of you email me with your addresses at sarahreesbrennan@gmail.com as well!

For those who did not win but really liked the sound of Ice, Sarah Beth Durst is giving away another copy here.

PSA to all jonesing Australians: The Demon's Lexicon is already on shelves at Kino's and Galaxy.

And to the rest of you, who kindly did not point out that uh, I put up a post that said 'Happy July' on the last day in June, I was... uh... totally testing you. Yeah, that's it.

But today is July, and we decided to give out one free signed book a day as well at the two seven-book prize pack, starting with Saundra Mitchell's Shadowed Summer, so escaping with the Seven could work out well for you.

Good news for me this week: The Demon's Lexicon trilogy just sold in Israel! Hooray, demons in the Holy Land!

More good news for me: I got two more Starred Reviews. I am so pleased the people reading Demon's Lexicon are liking it! The reviews are generally full of spoilers, but here are snippets:

Give this to horror and fantasy fans alike, but don't give away the ending - Bulletin, Starred Review

Even teens who don’t consider themselves genre buffs will appreciate the solid writing, fast-paced plot, and sense of authenticity that Brennan gives to the shadowy world between ordinary, modern-day London and the otherworld of demons and magicians. Readers will clamor for the next book in this trilogy. - School Library Journal, Starred Review

I have performed the Dance of Stars. Small breakable objects in my house have met their doom.

And some more stuff for you guys: you might notice the truly awesome icon I am using, which is made by the fabulous orexisbella. There are more extremely cool icons and wallpapers up here now!

One of which is now mine.

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It inspired this conversation between me and my poor agent.

SARAH: ... Ask Simon & Schuster if I can have Tyler's (cover model's name is Tyler) number.
KRISTIN: I certainly will not, shameless girl. I know why you want it.
SARAH: Or his email address, that would be fine too.
KRISTIN: I know exactly what this is about, and your behaviour is ENTIRELY INAPPROPRIATE.
SARAH: But I just know having him in a kissing booth at my signings would be wonderful for sales!
KRISTIN: Dear Sarah, try to be less of a pimp, you do not have the chest hair for it.
KRISTIN: I'm going to go now.
SARAH: My genius is so misunderstood.