August 1st, 2009


This Is Not A Real Update

I am perfectly aware I owe you all real updates! Next week, I promise you: the second part of Sorcerer and Stone and also a Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie parody. I may also be doing a follow-up to my Ladies, Please! essay as I have recently been having Further Thoughts on that subject.

This follow-up can mostly be summarised in my tweet (and yes, I am on twitter at and I LOVE IT, even though they cruelly deny me the last letter of my name) which goes 'Why do I almost never hear complaints that a guy in books/movies is too attractive and awesome?' And well, yes, I am aware a lot of readers are girls and thus like the guy being alluring (see also my childhood spent imagining myself as Mrs Colin Craven. Or Sarah Rees Craven. Sarah Craven Rees Brennan?) but it seems people could embrace both sides of the equation being awesome more than they do!

I have been travelling about the country, and thus rather frantic.

Being at Comic Con was wonderful, and I met some amazing people: people I've known online for years, fabulous authors, exciting times! Christian Bale was eating chili cheese fries at the restaraunt at my hotel, people. My Brush With Fame! Actually my true Brush with Fame was the time I met George Clooney but that story is so embarrassing, I could never tell am saving it for a different blog post.

I was pretty convinced nobody would show up to my panel and signings as I am a teeny tiny author with a first book just out, but people did, and I was so thrilled: some of them even brought me presents! Among other things I got a Demon's Lexicon Treasure Chest, a cuddly zombie boyfriend, a cereal box with a picture of Nick fighting on it, and something so awesome I must show you in picture form.

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Which is not to say, wow, check out my STUFF, but rather, wow, check out how awesome the people I met were. THAT AWESOME.

When my time in San Diego was done, I tripped merrily off to the airport, where the world proceeded to fall around my ears.

AIRPORT: Your flight is cancelled!
SARAH: Oh dear. Can I have a new one?
AIRPORT: Yes, it will take you to Texas!
SARAH: Oh dear. Can I have a flight to New York?
AIRPORT: We'll see about that when you're in Texas, missy!

SARAH: Well, at least I have time to have breakfast.
AIRPORT: Here are some lovely eggs.
SARAH: I ordered lovely bacon. I am allergic to lovely eggs: they make me pass out.
AIRPORT: Enjoy your eggs, gotta go!

SARAH: *staggers off the last in a series of planes* Finally, my beautiful New York!
BEAUTIFUL NEW YORK AIRPORT: Did you want your suitcase? It'll be along in two hours.
SARAH: ... I'm going to my hotel.

My hotel saved the day by being unexpectedly and dazzlingly beautiful. Seriously, I chose it for inexpensiveness, and it has a kitchen and a living room I dance around in.

I was also comforted by writing in a New York cafe and eating the exotic and mysterious meatloaf again! And then I tripped off to blackholly's beautiful house in Massachusetts, where I spent my time alternating between love and fear for her cat.

Lily is a hairless cat. She looks kind of like a demon. She has a long naked tail she whips around, and everyone was endlessly amused by the fact that when she chases me, I run screaming.

But when you put her in a little blue jumper, she is suddenly so cute! It was all very confusing.

LILY: stares
SARAH: Oh feline mistress, I bow to your every whim! Do not hurt me nor devour my immortal soul.
LILY: Souls, om nom nom.
HOLLY: whisks on jumper
SARAH: Diddums whoza sweet kitty you are Lily yes you are say hello to aunty sarah.
LILY: I am enraged by this disrespect!
HOLLY: whisks jumper off
SARAH: Forgive me dark queen, I do not know what I was saying, I must have been feverish, as penance I offer up my soul.
LILY: *purr* Souls. Om nom nom.

So the main point of my post (Point? You all say. There's a point?) was to remind you all of this going-on:

Tomorrow, Sunday August 2nd

Books of Wonder, 1.00 pm - 3.00 pm, Sunday August 2nd. Books of Wonder, 18 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011.

Sarah Signing, Reading, Giveaway, Appearance of Awesome! Hope to see you there.

And another thing: The Eternal Kiss, which contains my vampire boy band story Undead Is Very Hot Right Now and is my very first anthology, is on shelves now. And in paperback, for those who have Hardcover Policies. For those curious, you can find summaries and mini-reviews of all the stories here.
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