August 31st, 2009


Pictures & Publication

A very kind lady named Nadya emailed me and sent me a link to where my Russian edition is out, so a) my Russian edition is out, yay! and b) Now I have seen my Russian cover!

I thought y'all might be interested in seeing it too, as I find it fascinating to see what varies from country to country, and what stays the same.

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In an earlier post about what people liked to see from a journal, some people mentioned missing the 'stumbling towards publication' posts I did pre-publication. Now, it is not yet time for covers for book two, though I pine for that day! With pre-publication, there are specific things to write about like 'finding an agent' and 'baby's first editorial letter'. (Usually, my advice is to cope with things totally differently than I do.)

I am puzzled about exactly what to write for posts stumbling through publication, since mostly post-publication, I write, and writing is just a part of Life.

Scenes From A Writer's Life

The Writer In the Family Home, With Little Brother

SARAH: *writes*
SAUL: *writes*
SARAH: ... Saul, may I ask you a personal question?
SAUL: Yeeeees.
SARAH: Is that a journal with a picture of Zac Efron on the front?
SAUL: Yeeeees.
SARAH: Why do you have that?
SAUL: It is for recording my thoughts.

I believe he was being post-modern and ironic. Maybe.

The Writer In Her Actual Home, With Housemate The Durham Lass

SARAH: *writes*
DURHAM LASS: It's perfectly ridiculous! There are too many teeth!
SARAH: I totally agree. What?
DURHAM LASS: All the relics that are meant to be St Patrick's teeth. There are too many teeth.
SARAH: Oh right.
DURHAM LASS: Which means some of the relics won't work for healing and so on.
SARAH: Well, they're old. Maybe some of them just need a relic repairman. Or a little shake.
DURHAM LASS: Shake shake shake...
SARAH: Shake shake shake...
SARAH & DURHAM LASS: Shake your relic, dah dah dum, dah dah dah.

The Writer In Cafe with Friend The Evil One

EVIL ONE: I'll grab us some drinks.
SARAH: A fine, fine plan. *writes*
SARAH: *smells something terrible*
EVIL ONE: Let's go.
SARAH: What happened? Did you set yourself on fire?
SARAH: Did you set someone else on fire?
EVIL ONE: Mistakes were made. Machines were half-blown up and half-melted. No-one can be blamed.
SARAH: ...
EVIL ONE: Get your coat.

If anyone has any particular things they would like to hear about stumbling onward from publication (Writing A Sequel, What To Do When You Write Your Fifteenth Make-Out Scene and Realise You May Have A Problem) please tell me! I am eager to Impart My Wisdom.

Which means, tell you stories of the idiot things I did, and how you should avoid doing them...

Killer Unicorns! Going Once, Going Twice...

'Sarah' you would be within your rights to say accusingly at this point. 'Did you not say you were going to celebrate this year by giving away a free book every month? Where is our AUGUST BOOK?'

You have not said that, because you are all ladies and gents. But nevertheless there is an August book. Diana Peterfreund's Rampant.

I heard about Rampant and the fact it was about killer unicorns, and that was all I needed. I love a good subversion of a trope. (See also: hot trolls, dainty ladies who shoot people, and heroes who need rescuing.)

Diana Peterfreund was one of the band of writers who I roped into coming to a castle in Ireland earlier this year. We didn't know each other, so I was on my best behaviour until she rashly produced an advance copy of the book and offered it to her friend Jen Barnes.

DIANA: I brought this for y-
SARAH: Oh my gosh killer unicorns for ME!
DIANA: No, not for y-
SARAH (brightly): I'll fight you for the killer unicorns, Jen!
JEN: ... That's okay. You can read it first.
DIANA: But I brought it for-
JEN: Hush Diana! I want to live.

So, killer unicorns have returned to this world. Only girls with Certain Qualifications (among them being descendants of Alexander the Great) can kill them. Astrid's mother has been preparing her for this day for years: Astrid herself is unpleasantly surprised to learn her mother is not crazy, and that Astrid herself is going to have to learn how to fight great big huge evil-minded unicorns with poison horns on their heads.

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So, I have two copies of Rampant. Who wants to be showered with rampantly awesome ladies, and the rampantly magnificent unicorns who love them?