September 5th, 2009

armed brotherly love

The Arundel Tomb

First: presents for people.

courtneysmyth and aiscat93 have won copies of Rampant

yathenaeum has won a Demon's Lexicon prize pack from the last Big Idea post.

All of you should email me your addresses at, and I will send you your prizes!

Second: a present for you all!

My Big Idea is as follows: I put up a short story to celebrate every week sales reach a certain (modest) number, to thank readers for buying hardcover, and as a show of faith that blogs and free content make a difference.

People who link to the short story get entered for a draw for a Prize Pack (this week's is a Demon's Lexicon audio book, a selection of bookmarks and a copy of The Eternal Kiss, a selection of vampire stories by Holly Black, Rachel Caine, Cassandra Clare, Libba Bray, lots of awesome people.. and me). Links from book bloggers count as extra, as I think book bloggers are great.

In the forum, Karatheon mentioned Natasha Walsh, and I got to thinking, and someone else mentioned Olivia, and... well.

The backstory of some characters both mentioned and actually featured in The Demon's Lexicon, not necessary to have read the book. I very much hope you all enjoy!

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