November 9th, 2009

got knives

Hurray for all manner of things!

Happy November, oh internet of my heart. I have many exciting things to tell you.

The first and most important is a very happy thing. On Friday I went onto twitter, where I am, as an oppressive twitter system denies me my last, delicious 'n.' And I saw people were congratulating me.

Since I had not even managed to get dressed for the day and was indeed cocooned in a fuzzy blanket, this struck me as odd.

When someone told me that The Demon's Lexicon had been nominated for a Carnegie award, I became hopelessly entangled in my blanket and almost fell down.

The Carnegie Medal is the British equivalent of the Newbery and the National Book Award. Richard Adams won it for Watership Down. Margaret Mahy, being a writing goddess, has won it twice. It is indeed an honour to be nominated, especially in the company of such people as Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Laurie Halse Anderson, and R.J. Anderson for her awesome book Knife.

When you have a book out, you spend a lot of time trying to find out what people think. A bad internet review can make you lie down in the floor cuddling a cup of hot chocolate and murmuring 'You are my only friend, Mr Cuplington.' (All right, maybe that's just me.) So something like this just transformed my day, and made me wander around in a daze of joy all weekend.

My book. Nominated for a Carnegie. Mr Cuplington and I are so happy.

In other news, Cassandra Clare's lovely fansite Mundie Moms have been so very kind as to make Demon's Lexicon their Book of the Month. There's a forum up where people are already discussing it, and on November the 12th, 9 PM EST, there will be an online chat.

Here is the link to the chat now - hope to see some of you at the chat in an hour and a half!

And a present for you all: here is the first chapter of the second book, The Demon's Covenant, which will also be up on the website very soon. I hope you enjoy!

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