December 13th, 2009


Christmas Present!

So I worry about presents.

I used to worry about presents so much that I had to get them out of the way early. In the July sales, you would see little Sarah with her bowl haircut, solemnly shopping for Christmas presents. Had I waited for winter, I would have gone into a spiral of agony and self-doubt.

Much taller Sarah with much longer hair, i.e. me of the present day, does not have the organisational skills or the storage space to shop for Christmas presents in July. But I do generally spend November and December making anxious calls.

SARAH: Why can't you just tell me what you want! Anything! I'll buy you anything!
MY LITTLE BROTHER SAUL: Oh. Hmm. I'll have a... Well now. Okay. Give me a moment. Maybe-
SAUL: Maybe I'll have to call you back.
MY LITTLE SISTER GENEVIEVE: But I've told you what I want. I keep telling you what I want.
SARAH: No, you haven't.
GENEVIEVE: I want a Team Jacob hoodie.
SARAH: I don't know why I keep forgetting that.
GENEVIEVE: If it's because you're Team Edward, you are NOT WELCOME HOME this Christmas.

My sister the ingrate aside, I had a much more important present to give out this year.

Obviously, all those who have read my book are my most favourite people in the world. This only makes sense. My most favourite people in the world deserve presents. Also very logical!

However I cannot find them all and ask for their addresses. So clearly a story present, then.

But! I worried to myself. When would be a good time to give them the story present? Obviously not on Christmas Day, as people would have better things to do than reading internet presents, like unwrapping their real presents and going 'A titanium suit of armour with inbuilt time-travel device! Awesome!' So I asked twitter, and they seemed to feel the thirteenth was a good day.

Today is the thirteenth.

So, this is a present for those who have already read The Demon's Lexicon: it is set eleven years before the book, but there are hints of things to come. So if someone hasn't read the book and hates spoilers, probably best to avoid. If one doesn't mind them and is minded to try the story (with a view to later reading The Demon's Lexicon and thus achieving the status of one of my most favourite people in the world) then they may go right ahead!

Should you guys like it, spread it 'round: I would like everyone who might enjoy it to read it, so my present reaches all those who want it.

And in Christmas and Demon's Lexicon news, people in the UK might be interested to know there is a Demon's Lexicon fan meet-up in London going on. I won't be there, but I will be sending presents!

For now, though, this present is for everyone.

And it comes with an illustration: the illustration is done by Entropy_Incarnate and not specifically for this story, but it does show the main characters as kids and thus I feel is appropriate!

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This one's for my most favourite people in the world. I very much hope you enjoy it.

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