December 15th, 2009

nick by alexandrasnow

Great Joy! Pink Gorgeousness!

You will have to excuse me, you guys. It feels weird and awesome to have a cover for The Demon's Covenant to show you all. The new book, my brain is rejoicing. I get to have more than one! (My brain can be a little slow.)

Anyway, so: this is the UK cover for The Demon's Covenant. And I love eeet.

My publishers are so good, y'all. Because they are very kind to me, and because my UK covers are drawn and not photographic, I kept emailing them and saying 'Oh, could we have - could we change - could we fix-' and now I have this cover and they did not hire ninja assassins to come kill me with poison darts even once.

The title is going to be SILVER and it's going to be even more beautiful when it is REAL but for now - look, there's my girl! And I love it. I hope you love it too!

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