March 12th, 2010

sin art

Winners of the Advance Reader Copy Contest!

Ladies and gentlemen of the blog audience, welcome to the AWARDS CEREMONY I am hosting here today. Please imagine me in a froofy violet ballgown.

Now imagine me tearing out all my hair. I am bald (but in a fabulous ballgown).

You see, I was expecting the entries to be awesome, but I was not expecting them to be quite so awesome. There was really an overdose of awesomeness. Drastic measures had to be taken.

Before I start I must say thank you very much to everyone who entered. I was overwhelmed by you all. (AS YOU SHALL SEE.)

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Thank you, thank you very much. Winners, please email me at (Well, you know, anyone can email me at that. For any reason! But winners, do so with your addresses.)