April 27th, 2010


Happy Paperback Day!

Today is the official release of the paperback of The Demon's Lexicon, with its fancy new cover! I talk a little more about the process of making that cover here.

There is an amazing thing made to celebrate said release of the paperback here. Isn't it awesome? However, I have no snazzy video-making skills to give you, my internet! All I have are WORDS.

So I have made you a present of some words. It is a story, set a little over a month before the events of Demon's Lexicon, so no spoilers!

For those of you who have read Demon's Lexicon, it is a present because you are my favourite people! For those of you who were waiting for the paperback, well - the paperback is here, and also, a present! For those of you who have no interest in the book but who are reading this journal waiting for the day I slip up and reveal my secret life of crime... you'll never get me alive.

Besides this present, I also have a prize to give away. You see, I am extremely far from America, and the US paperback fancily sitting on American shelves. So, I was hoping people would go to the bookshop and take some pictures, and put them in the comments here. (Or post them over on marmalade_fish. That would also be cool!) And then randomly to one of my lovely picture-posters, I will award a PRIZE. A secret prize.

It is not a pony.

The story is not a pony either, but I very much hope you enjoy it!

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