April 28th, 2010


Praise for Demon's Covenant! Praise, delicious praise.

So Demon's Lexicon is out in paperback, and Demon's Covenant is coming out in three weeks. I am all over nerves!

But of course, there have to be gatekeepers of fiction. People who read advance copies, through being authors or reviewers or my awesome competition winners or book bloggers or... people who find advance copies lying handily in the street.

And I thought you guys might like to prepare yourselves for what to expect as follows. So, one author (two co-authors actually, because I am a cheater) and my very first trade review for Demon's Covenant.

"There is more spirited humanity, love, loyalty, and humor in these pages than demons, magicians, and warriors combined. Only Sarah Rees Brennan could make you love a demon."

"Sarah Rees Brennan spins an endlessly inventive and always entertaining tale of love and loss."

- Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl, of Beautiful Creatures, who kindly provided a blurb each!


Plots thicken, characters deepen and snark is bantered with witty abandon in this dark fantasy sequel to The Demon’s Lexicon (2009). Mae hoped that her life could return to normal after her brother was rescued from murderous magicians.

But the catastrophic aftermath has only increased the Obsidian Circle’s interest in Jamie, and Mae herself can’t forget the allure of the Goblin Market or the blood on her hands—and anything connected with the Ryves brothers is about as far from “normal” as possible. While the plot suffers from middle-book syndrome—too occupied with repercussions and setup to provide a satisfying independent story line—the prose sparkles with clever humor, arresting metaphors and more than a hint of sexy romance.

Mae’s viewpoint provides welcome insight into her enigmatic personality, revealing her passions, insecurities and reluctant fascination with magic. But the compelling characters of Alan (compassionate, manipulative, devoted and deceitful) and Nick (vicious, baffled, powerful and vulnerable) still dominate. Above all remains the painful depth and invincible beauty of family love, however that family is cobbled together. Not to be missed.
- Kirkus

You see I left the unflattering bit in, because I try to be an honourable lady really. I am much pleased by the idea of Mae as enigmatic, like a spy.

I am extremely delighted by both these good opinions, and can't wait to hear what all y'all think of the book!