June 15th, 2010

beauty and the beast


Internet, now that I am done rewriting Demon's Lexicon 3, I owe you blogging! And I have many ideas for posts I wish to write, but during my UK tour, otherwise known as 'Rediscovering Six AM With Scott Westerfeld (It Sucks, But He's Pretty Nice)', alas I have no time. However the lovely Saundra Mitchell asked me if she could do a guest blog to promote the paperback release of her most excellent book Shadowed Summer (summary: a practical lady, a family secret, a boy being used for his ouija board, buy it!) and I was delighted to say yes.

I did not know she was going to be quite so complimentary to me, and feel bashful about it. ;) Focus on the part where she secretly thought I was totally crazy. Lots of my friends have stories like that... not sure why... She was certainly not alone in her 'point of view switch each book, are you TOTALLY CRAZY' reaction. I had no idea I was doing such a weird thing when I did it, but such is often the case.

And now, off to another school visit (already had one today and it was lovely) and in the evening my Fancy Launch in Shortwave Cinema. Nobody ticketless will be turned away from the event: if you can come, come! :) I shall be reading from Demon's Lexicon 3, which I have never done before!


More than once, I've told Sarah that I would rip off the first chapter of THE DEMON'S LEXICON if I thought I could get away with it. To me, it's a perfect first chapter- it introduces the characters, lights up with explosions, and starts the story breathlessly. That's just as true for her brand new THE DEMON'S COVENANT.

None of my books start with explosions. Even when I try, I end up with some embers and a sparkle or two. I won't lie- I've spent nights with her chapters, trying to break them down into parts. Line-by-line dissection, a careful inventory of elements- and what I discovered is:

It's just Sarah. She has an innate gift for thunder and lightning.

When she told me that each book in the trilogy would have a different POV character, I didn't say out loud, but I thought very loudly, "Dude, are you on crack?" But she makes it work, effortlessly. (Blogmistress says 'ha!')

I worried we'd never find out what happened to the other characters- but we do! I worried that the story would be disjointed- but it's not. It's seamless and intoxicating- I can't imagine anyone telling the COVENANT story but Mae. It's exactly right.

And even with my bookish vivisection, I'm still not sure how Sarah manages it. She has different-colored eyes, so my best explanation is that writing socko, blammo, sensual, vivid, exciting and addictive stories is her Grace. And since I like her so much, I don't plan to pull alien autopsy on her to verify that.

I'll just keep reading her books, and wondering how she did it, and hoping maybe - with time - some of her Grace will rub off on me.

Here are some buy links!