July 28th, 2010


... Wednesday... Links

I realise I usually do my links posts on Friday, but I realised I had quite a few links to post, so today works instead!

An interview with Travis Pearson, in which I distribute spoilers like candy, talk a little about writing Sin's point of view, and my Ill-Fated Archery Research

I didn't actually write this one, but Kelley Armstrong answers a ton of questions about our Smart Chicks tour here.

Speaking of the Smart Chicks tour, I am also on the Smart Chicks blog, holding a Smart Chicks Fiesta - talking about ladies in literature I love, and asking you to talk about ladies in literature you love, for prizes!

Also, The Demon's Lexicon is the feature book in July on Becca Fitzpatrick's fan website, and so I am there giving out a somewhat filthy cookie for the third Demon's Lexicon book, and taking questions on writing and publishing.

Also I am delighted to announce that the anthology Kiss Me Deadly is now out in shops, and as I think seeing different covers is always fun, behold the Australian cover for the anthology!

Clearly, its subtitle is 'Smokin' Hot Angels.' This is probably a better choice than my idea of a cover based on Carrie Ryan's story - an evil nun, cackling, surrounded by zombies - or my own - Peter Pan committing a grisly airborne murder involving Big Ben.