December 14th, 2010


The Second Half of the Christmas Present

And now the second half of the Christmas present, even more shockingly long than the first! And with my thanks to all those who have read The Demon's Lexicon and The Demon's Covenant. (This story, as I should perhaps have warned last time but I thought it was implicit, is actually set during the Demon's Covenant, and thus spoils it a ton.)

Stuff that will make Sarah cry: saying 'I wish book three was from Jamie's pov' is kind of like saying 'Man, I wish this short story/hat was a book/coat' and is a sad thing for any present-giver to hear! And while this story is on the world wide web and thus free to all, a) written for fans and b) I tend to assume people reading the blog are fans, so taking the time to tell me in the Present For Fans post 'Oh, I'm not a fan, I haven't read your books' is kind of upsetting also! Unless followed by 'but now I want to' which is nice, but I am still distressed you have been spoiled so much. ;)

If this present has made you say to yourself 'Self, what I need is more lovely Christmas presents by writer folk' I have a link for you! The December Lights Project is a collection of Christmas short stories written by fabulous people like Sherwood Smith (sartorias) and Karen Healey (karenhealey).

Part 1 of Nick and Jamie Go to the Movies is here.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy:

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