May 4th, 2011

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Short Story for Demon's Covenant

This is quite a week for short stories for you guys!

This is my present to you guys to celebrate the release of Demon's Covenant in paperback in the US. If any of you guys have been waiting for the paperback - it's out! And if you want to get it or ask for it in a shop or anything, that'd be awesome.

Whether you've got it, you're getting it, you took it out from the library, loaned it from a friend or you've never read anything of mine at all, I hope you enjoy this.

This story is set immediately before the events of The Demon's Lexicon, no actual spoilers but some heavy hinting at spoilers in Lexicon and Covenant. Containing some major, some minor, and some only-mentioned characters in the series. This one's also dedicated to the real Mark Skinner, who is much more awesome than this version. ;) Title stolen from Oscar Wilde.

“Well,” Jamie said. “This was just like that film the Breakfast Club, except weirder, and also without anyone reforming, any touching heartfelt moments, or any soundtrack to speak of aside from glass breaking.”

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