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The Great Unspoken Contest

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So, I always like to give away an advance reader’s copy.

But it seemed unfair to ask people to do stuff for a series they hadn’t read (yet, I’m hoping yet!) and time Draws Close: it is only a month now until Unspoken is out!

Thus I am going to make things super easy. As some of you may have already noted, I have a brand new fancy website! I am going to be crossposting from a wordpress blog from now on, and there are many other things of fanciness on it!


A Short Story That’s Been Down For Awhile

Old Movie Parody Favourites That Haven’t Been Seen In A While

And much Unspoken stuff, including Pictures of the Cast and The World of the Lynburn Legacy.


Here pictured, My Heroine, Kami Glass. Isn’t she gorgeous? This is just her dress sense, and also, I like the way she is intrepidly equipped with pen and paper.

So for a chance at early signed introduction to this lady, in a contest that will last until Monday night, go visit the website and look at it, and tell me (it takes a few visits to spot) the thing you notice about time.


Comments will be screened on the livejournal entry (sadly comments are turned off on the wordpress blog bit as I am still learning it!) and I will Randomly Select one of the correct guessers. ;)

And to all a happy Hunger Games…

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