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April 5th, 2018

The Celebratory Hugos Parody

Mirrored from Sarah Rees Brennan.

My dear friends and tear suppliers, this is a happy happy time!

IN OTHER LANDS is a finalist for the Award for Best Young Adult book at the Hugo awards! I am overwhelmed by this news, and the reception of this book. I truly did not believe the gay romance and the wings and the four years of sarcastic shenanigans would go over like this, but I’m so proud and so touched.

To celebrate, I am putting up a parody I prepared earlier of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I hope you guys like the parody! It is my gift to you.

I do have more parodies both done and in the works, and for early access to parodies, stories and My Latest Book News, I am going to start actually sending out newsletters! I’m not sure what one does with a newsletter but tell me what you guys would like and I’ll do that. Sign up for my newsletter here!

As well as getting on my newsletter, I have modified and updated my website, so it is shiny. You can behold the shiny, along with my author appearance at the North Texas Teen Book Festival and my brand new author photos, in which I wear a dazzling array of my cancer wigs.

Before we start parody time, let me make one thing clear: I found much of this movie compelling and entertaining, but I don’t really have a ship, space or otherwise. However, I would push literally anyone else in these movies off a space bridge to get to John Boyega.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a girl watched Star Wars without being a mega-fan, so forgive any mistakes. (She even watched the prequels. She didn’t deserve that.)

General Hux, the Nazi Weasley: Blow up this small resistance fleet & especially its roguish pilot. Set phasers to maximum evil.
Poe: Is this General Hugs’s Fast Food Emporium? Can I get extra cheese on that?
Hux: No this is Hux at the evil empire, you must be confused.
Poe: My robot wants the animal fries.
BB 8: beep beep
Hux: Are you mocking me?
Poe: My robot also wants extra cheese.
Hux: Can you stop, the stormtroopers are getting hangry!

I Killed A Man In Space Monte CarloCollapse )


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