May 26th, 2020


Comfort Book Club: Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik

Hi my flowers! How are we all doing in this our time of Corona? I hope as well as you can be. I am glad you enjoyed the first Comfort Book Club parody! And now after giving my selection much thought, I have made you another parody for a book I find charming and cheering and touching in all ways. And I shall be giving away three copies of the book! Just link the parody to be put in the draw.

Now the parody is spoilerriffic, so I also endorse you guys linking but not reading the parody. I guarantee, the book is amazing. (As is everything by Naomi Novik: I’m currently reading an advance copy of A Deadly Education, and I say that simply to brag!) Parodies make jokes, but I never joke unless I love.

These are the weirdest times! I live alone right in a house with roses round the back, I still can’t really believe I had a Sabrina book just come out, and I recently socially distance danced with a friend through a window. I know these times are muchly weird for all, and super tough for many. So. I hope this parody and this book cheers you,  dear reader.


Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik


MIRYEM: Has it ever occurred to anyone that Rumpelstiltskin is a veiled allegory for antisemitism?

MIRYEM: And it ain’t all that veiled.

MIRYEM: Anyway, I have my own problems. My father is the worst moneylender in the land, and my mother is both angelically good and frail. And since this is a story, that means Mother is narratively doomed.

MIRYEM: No dead moms in MY fairytale, thank you so very much.

MIRYEM: Also murderous ice elves prowl the forest, but I’m sure they won’t become relevant to me.


MIRYEM: I’ve decided to take over my father’s business and menace the townsfolk.

MIRYEM’S TOWN: this tiny girl! … Is actually extremely scary, and we will pay her.

MIRYEM’S SAINTLY PARENTS: my darling we fear your heart will become ice cold.

MIRYEM: No ethical consumption under feudalism, Mom and Pop.


MIRYEM: My life will be a fight against narrative inevitability.

AUDIENCE: We fear Miryem is being set up for a comeuppance, when what we want is for Miryem to get everything she wishes, and also become queen.

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