Sarah Rees Brennan (sarahtales) wrote,
Sarah Rees Brennan

The Summer Before I Met You

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The Summer Before I Met You

“Take care of your spirit, Kami,” said Megumi. “And don’t burn the place down.”

Kami grabbed both the suitcases and headed for the cabin she was sharing with Liz and Angela. Liz walked with her, and on their way Kami stopped.

“My Sobo was exaggerating,” she said earnestly. “There have been very few fires.”

Six days until UNSPOKEN comes out, and let me present to you… this present, as hosted by a wonderful indie bookstore! And look it has a COVER. My short story has a cover of its OWN. Isn’t that fancy and beauteous?

I hope you guys enjoy. ;) It is one of two, so expect the other, The Spring Before I Met You, and the first look at Jared Lynburn, very soon…

Tags: short story, unspoken
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