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My Big Idea, kindly hosted by John Scalzi
An interview in which I talk about the other worlds our imagination creates…
And a cool contest here with posters!

I decided to copy Seanan McGuire and compile a list of reviews. This is not comprehensive, but I tried to pick out reviews that mentioned different stuff!

A note to Sarah Rees Brennan: because you wrote this book I love so very, very much I will love you forever. HOWEVER…
There is nothing better than a smart, funny heroine who likes to solve mysteries.
Brennan does a truly wonderful job of exploring this unrealistic situation in a very real and frank way – presenting the pros and cons, the day-to-day realities, of being psychically connected to another human being
I love the plots, I love the slightly creepy style and the interwoven folklore. And most of all I love the characters. It’s so refreshing to read a story where the relationships are not all about boy meets girl, but female friendships and family as well..
Kami’s not all bold pronouncements and daring plans, however. Brennan uses her to explore beauty, and how it impacts women’s relationships with each other
‘Longtime SRB fans are setup to like her newest offering, and I’m not surprised that I fell into that camp’, plus links to other reviews
No matter how hard I tried to predict the direction this book would take, I couldn’t.
Sarah Rees Brennan’s Unspoken is unequivocally one of the best young adult novels I’ve ever read.

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I am also, as you can see, doing a blog tour you can follow along with. I wrote lots of essays!

Creating A Fictional Town
Well, this one is embarrassing, but hey, I wrote a huge romantic essay and always valuable to have different POVs!
Inspirations and Influences on the Book Smugglers

I thought this would be a NICE SELECTION to start with! I am of course, always attentively waiting for your thinkings. ;)

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