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The No Chill Adventures of Sabrina, Part 2b

Happy Daughter of Chaos day, my sweetlings! Book Two in my Chilling Adventures of Sabrina tie-in series is out TODAY!

And thus in celebration I have made you this present: an affectionate parody of the rest of Part 2 of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

A parody of Part 1 can be found here.

Parody of Part 2a to be found here!

We left off having recently beheld two bone-chilling sights: 1) Sabrina displaying powers that seemed a titch infernal and 2) (from Nick’s point of view) Harvey princess-carrying Sabrina.

AUDIENCE: Hell on earth beckons with heaven’s merciless soldiers at the ready!

HARVEY: Is heaven not nice? 🙁

NICK: Please improve your mind through extensive reading, farm boy, and consult the Bible.

SABRINA: I heal the stabbed.

HARVEY: Please read a comic, Nicholas, this is clearly a Dark Phoenix situation.


HARVEY: Let me explain Jean Grey. No, there’s too much. Let me sum up.


NICK: Can you please leave before the evil witches kill you?

SABRINA: Great point Nick. Important to shield Harvey from the many people who must have failed to notice him storming a desecrated church.

HARVEY: But if evil witches kill me all your problems are solved, Nick?



SABRINA: Harvey let me take a special alone moment to thank you for princess carrying me out of the desecrated murder church.

HARVEY: Sure, it’d been ages since I did something wildly misguided.

SABRINA: Let me give you a tender cheek kiss, maybe do some gazing into your eyes?

HARVEY: Wow, Sabrina, we are amazing at this platonic thing I think?

SABRINA: We’re geniuses at plans and being platonic!

NICK: A banshee screaming ‘ohnoohnoohno’ has basically taken up 24/7 residence inside my skull.


SABRINA: Oh here you are in my bedroom while I am scandalously unclad, what a situation, whatever shall we… converse about?

NICK: That mortal and his princess carrying ways!


NICK: I wish to princess carry you. Like… emotionally.

SABRINA: Aren’t you more the sexy make-out guy than the princess carry guy?


NICK: I have deeps!

NICK: Let’s revisit your sexy make-out idea.


LILITH: Taking a time-out from tormenting Sabrina to enjoy romance! You know I haven’t had luck with men in the past.

ADAM: Many bad apples out there.

LILITH: Mine was Lucifer, Lord of Darkness.

ADAM: Lots of people feel that way about their exes.

LILITH: I was the one who invented the pick-up line ‘Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?’

LILITH: It was a genuine question because he just had. But the line worked, and I never get the credit.

LILITH: And frankly it was all downhill from there.


ADAM: Sometimes people change.

LILITH: Sure. How well I remember when he started manifesting as a demonic goat…

LILITH: Also when he tried to give MY JOB as Queen of Hell to Sabrina, who is 16 and not a gifted planner.

ADAM: Let me take you away from all this.

LILITH: That’s tempting.

LILITH: And believe me, I know tempting.


NICK: A happy moment at last! I can’t believe I get to read a new book by my favorite author!

SABRINA: So my dad’s book is called ‘Sexy, Lovable Mortals, & Why We Should Sexily Love Them.’

NICK: Can’t believe books have BETRAYED me like this.


ROZ: Heard you can cure the sick?

SABRINA: And control the weather! And unite the warring peoples!

ROZ (coughs): But back to that first thing.

SABRINA: I cure thy blindness, Roz!

ROZ: Deeply sorry to have doubted you, Sabrina. You’re my best friend forever and I will support you in all you do.

SABRINA: Invite the kids from your dad’s church to my party about witchcraft!

ROZ: … I will even… oh God… support you in a Plan.


SABRINA: We must have a party tonight in which I explain to all mortals and witches that we must mingle and delight in each other!

NICK: You’re going to throw a party about delighting in that farm boy?

SABRINA: That isn’t what I said.

NICK: That is what I heard.


THEO & HARVEY: are off blamelessly fighting a demon in the mine.

THEO: So you saw a demon in the mine and called me.

HARVEY: Yeah!!! Because we’re best bros.

THEO: Yes, thank you. But I don’t have magic powers.

HARVEY: I cherish u.

THEO: I appreciate that and I’m here for you, but I can’t BELIEVE I’m gonna have to shoot a demon.

HARVEY: That demon you shot was guarding a mural that looks a bit like…

THEO: Uh-oh, eldritch.


LILITH: Based on your understandable devotion to me and your delicious roast, I’ve decided to run away with you, Adam.

ADAM: Thanks so much for having me for dinner.

ADAM: Actually I’m Satan wearing an Adam illusion.

ADAM: But you are literally HAVING Adam for dinner, he’s the roast.

SATAN: God I love dad jokes.

LILITH: I can’t believe the cannibalism motif of the series came back to bite me.

LILITH: As a natural response to grief, I must make an animated scarecrow to murder Sabrina.


NICK: Isn’t this a great party? Guess who isn’t here!

SABRINA: Time for me to reveal my magic to the mortal world!

NICK: Or hear me out, babe… a conga line?

SABRINA: But don’t you want to princess carry me? Emotionally.

NICK: ohyesohyesohyes


NICK & ROZ: Mutual affection for Sabrina and desperation to preserve our romantic relationships are leading us to make rash decisions!

SABRINA: Imma jump off the roof with a broomstick.

NICK & ROZ: Sabrina yes!


NICK & ROZ: ohnoohnoohno


NICK: So, you suspected there was a demon in the mines, and instead of contacting the many magical people of your acquaintance, you took your tiniest friend and went in to face the demon yourself?

HARVEY: Yep! Love that for me.

THEO: So we saw this eldritch mural of Sabrina on the gates of hell, we recognized her by her hairband, and we thought to ourselves…

ROZ: When were hairbands invented?

NICK: Does this mural herald the apocalypse?

SABRINA: Do I herald the apocalypse?!


NICK: Yes, Harry?

SABRINA, preoccupied with Satan: Wow you forgot Harvey’s name?

NICK, who has multiple nicknames for Harvey: … I sure did.


NICK (the most popular boy in school despite not being in their No Girls Allowed Club): Harry, let me condescend and establish my—

HARVEY (does not willingly socialize with cis men): What is he doing? Pls someone make him stop. 🙁

NICK: Oh does this bother you? Then I WILL NEVER STOP.

HARVEY: Cis men were a mistake.

THEO: Harvey, you’re a–

HARVEY: I said what I said, bro.

SABRINA: I think I need a plan to solve me being a herald of the infernal apocalypse.

ROZ: oh God… a Plan…


ROZ: As the most level-headed person in the friends group, I’m starting to feel like I may have made some wild romantic decisions here, Harvey!

HARVEY: No! Don’t leave me! I love you!

ROZ: We have been dating for three weeks.

THEO: koff koff guys

HARVEY: I’m in love with you! I undoubtedly mean that but I am also a bereaved child desperate not to be abandoned!

THEO: Think I might be allergic to romantic drama, gotta go.

HARVEY: Theo please help me!

THEO: zoom zoom


NICK: Can we. PLEASE! Go to the library. Can that be our plan? Let me thoroughly research our options before you risk your own life and magical disaster.

SABRINA: OK that makes sense.

NICK: thank you darling. I’ll be right back from the library. You’re making a good and sensible decision!

SABRINA: Is he gone? Time to risk my own life and magical disaster.

SABRINA: Sensible decisions, as if. Has he met me?


SABRINA: Here’s my new plan: create a weird plant doppelganger of myself to absorb my hell-raising powers, and become mortal.

AMBROSE: Sabrina, you know I’m always gonna vote for being an immortal hottie.

SABRINA: Having recently subscribed to the immortal hottie newsletter, I’m very fond of Nick!

SABRINA: Maybe I love him.

SABRINA: But you know what else I love?

AMBROSE: Hairbands?

SABRINA: Horrifying plans!


AMBROSE: Sometimes I wonder, should I enable your terrible decisions?

SABRINA: Never wonder that.

AMBROSE: Enabling terrible decisions is what family’s all about. Okay, let’s kill your own magic by making a weird plant version of yourself!


SABRINA: Looks like making a weird plant doppelganger of myself didn’t work out! Let me think of another plan…


ROZ: The woods are crawling with hell creatures, why not make wild romantic decisions! Harvey, I love you too!


THEO: koff koff

HARVEY: never leave me

THEO: I’m still here and I’m DEFINITELY allergic to romantic drama.

HARVEY: should we get married

THEO: I need a romantic drama inhaler.


THEO: is so very tired.


PLANT SABRINA: I toddle about, newborn, seething with dark magic, a manifestation of Sabrina’s id!

PLANT SABRINA: I love… waffles!

AUDIENCE: Reasonable.

PLANT SABRINA: I love… Aunt Hilda!

AUDIENCE: Reasonable.

PLANT SABRINA: I love… Harvey!

AUDIENCE: Oh, there it is.

AUDIENCE: Oh Nick, we are so sorry.


HARVEY: Listen, Plant Sabrina, I DO know what monogamy means.

NICK, somewhere in the library, unmolested by plantlife: Wow I have such a headache, and I don’t know why.

HARVEY: I really want to not tell lies and be honestly devoted to someone.

PLANT SABRINA: Then I guess I have to put u in a cocoon.

HARVEY: Ohnoohnoohno


PLANT SABRINA: I love… my mortal friends!

THEO & ROZ: We have questions.

PLANT SABRINA: No questions! Only cocoon.

THEO: I’ll get us out of this, but I wanna be clear, I’m this season’s mortal MVP.


PLANT SABRINA: I love… Ambrose!

AUDIENCE: Understandable.

PLANT SABRINA: Do you love me, Cousin Ambrose?

AMBROSE: Very much, but remember the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ witch policy about love.

PLANT SABRINA: It says it loves me or it gets the cocoon.

AMBROSE: I’m not sure why, but I’m getting a weird vibe here.


REAL SABRINA: Ambrose, our plan to create a dark plant double of me backfired!

AMBROSE: Who could ever have anticipated this!

REAL SABRINA: Let’s use the power of our familial love and trust to defeat her.

AMBROSE: And the power of deceit. That’s key with family.


SABRINA: I think Father Blackwood brainwashed Aunt Zelda to be his obedient wife!

HILDA: How could you tell?

SABRINA: She was being obedient. And wearing pastels.

ZELDA: *wears a floral gown, and hums*

HILDA: I hate to see her this way. We must break this fell curse.


NICK: I hate to seem overly inquisitive, my dove, but why did I return from the library to find a murder scarecrow trying to drown you?

SABRINA: Things have been happening so much but never mind! I have a Plan!

NICK: I support you entirely.

NICK: But I might need to sit down and take some deep breaths…

SABRINA: Do you know something, my teacher wears many bondage chic outfits and laughs maniacally at the moon?

NICK: We’re witches. Seems standard.


SABRINA: Furthermore do you know, everything my teacher ever said to me has led me down the path of damnation?

NICK: Has it?

SABRINA: Sometimes I think the people in my life can’t be trusted!

NICK (sweating): I know my name is Nick Scratch but…

SABRINA: I think my teacher might be Lilith, the Mother of Demons! I can’t believe all this time I was blinded by…

NICK: Her great cheekbones and incredible hair?

SABRINA: My own trusting nature, NICHOLAS.


ZELDA: Oh hells below, my husband brainwashed me!

ZELDA: And framed my beloved semi-nephew Ambrose for murder!

ZELDA: All that I could have forgiven, but pastels? I want a divorce.

ZELDA: Or preferably a widowhood.

ZELDA: So, what’d I miss?

HILDA: Quite a lot…


ZELDA: Does searching for power derived from male authority figures always end up rebounding on women because trying to work within the system doesn’t work in a broken system?

HILDA: Could be.

ZELDA: Just some thoughts I had while holding the remains of a minced mouse.

HILDA: Was Sabrina right about everything?

ZELDA: Hang on Hilda. I wouldn’t go that far.


SABRINA: So now I have tied up my teacher and killed my plant doppelganger in a duel, our problems are solved!

LILITH: What’s that you said, you performed all the tasks of a herald of hell?

SABRINA: Wow, this seems like something a proper kindly mentor would have informed me of before I did it! What happens now?

LILITH: Nothing big.

SABRINA: Oh thank god.

LILITH: Except the apocalypse.


ZELDA: Hilda, we have so many enemies. A nasty teacher at the academy is just the beginning…

HILDA: I murdered her.

ZELDA: … Huh. Well, I think we need to talk to a member of the warlock council about various…

HILDA: I murdered him too.

ZELDA: … Huh.

HILDA: I have three settings, and they are: cooking, providing loving support…



AUDIENCE: Aunt Hilda’s really blossomed since she found love.

AUDIENCE: Into a murder flower.

AUDIENCE: Love that for her.


SATAN: So now Sabrina has performed all the tasks of the herald to hell, and opened a gateway for me in my new manly incarnation, and shortly the demons in hell will flood through my gates and I will rule earth as it is in hell with Sabrina by my side.

DORIAN GRAY: Uh huh, super interesting.

DORIAN GRAY: Big fan of your manly incarnation by the way.

DORIAN GRAY: Does your manly incarnation have a phone number?

SATAN: Uh, my manly incarnation doesn’t even have clothes.

DORIAN GRAY: Your manly incarnation doesn’t NEED clothes.


ZELDA: Satan is my dark god, whom I serve with both body and cursed soul…

SABRINA: Help aunties! Satan is trying to drag me off to hell!

ZELDA: Guess we have to kill Satan.

HILDA: I’ll get the knives, luv.


SATAN: I’ve decided to make Sabrina queen of hell and earth.

FATHER BLACKWOOD: Wow, me and my god are having some religious differences!


PICK-UP FULL OF MORTALS: rolls up to the witch house.



ROZ & THEO: Should we use our powers of invisibility to rob banks, or to fight crime?

HARVEY: So, Sabrina, I was molested and then abducted by a plant person wearing your face…

NICK: Wow, no need to brag.


SABRINA: So sorry, Harvey, but that was last episode’s plotline. This episode the town is about to be taken over by Satan and all his little imps.

NICK: Best go be safe in your home, Harry.

ROZ & THEO: We have names too, dude.

HARVEY: … I also have a name. A different name. But please continue being petty as the apocalypse bears down upon us.

NICK: Thank you Harry. I shall.


SABRINA, born chaos queen: Whenever Harvey gets new dramatic magical information, he launches into drastic action. So interested to see what he’ll do!

HARVEY, born disaster fawn: Let’s blow up the gates of hell with dynamite!

NICK: Satan grant me patience. That is stupi—

SABRINA: Harvey, I have something to say.

NICK: –oh thank the dark god, she’s going to tell him he’s stupi–

SABRINA: I love this plan. It is genius.





SABRINA: Harvey yes!


HARVEY: I only hear one person using my actual name and they think my dynamite plan is the bomb!

NICK: Ohnoohnoohno, am I the mom friend?

HARVEY: you’re not my friend.


AUDIENCE: It is hilarious to reflect that Nick’s main reference for mortals are Harvey, engaged in life-threatening activities almost every time Nick sees him, and now Roz (supports Sabrina in wild plans), and Theo (supports Sabrina and Harvey in wild plans).

AUDIENCE: It is possible Nick believes mortals light themselves on fire for fun, and all Sabrina’s behavior is down to being half mortal.


NICK: Little mortals… tiny… fragile… will die…

SABRINA: Me too probably!


ROZ & THEO: We’re off to the hellmouth to enact Harvey’s dynamite plan!

NICK: What did they teach Sabrina’s lot in mortal preschool, stop, drop and rebel against Satan?!

SABRINA: All right Nick honey, take care of yourself, I really appreciate your loving support of my rebellion against Satan!

NICK: I wanna google ‘how to get mortals to stop blowing their fool heads up’ but I don’t entirely understand what google is…


FATHER BLACKWOOD: Prudence let’s go on a family vacation.

PRUDENCE: Aw, that’s so nice, what’s the occasion?

FATHER BLACKWOOD: I decided I hate our god and poisoned our whole coven, including your adoptive sisters, and now we have to go on the run.

PRUDENCE: I think it’s the Opposite of Father’s Day in Greendale.


NICK: True love is super stressful.

AUDIENCE: Think Nick Scratch might need a hug.

ZELDA: Nicholas use your strapping shoulders to ward our home against Satan.

AUDIENCE: Probably not a hug from Zelda.


PRUDENCE: I’ve decided to rebel against my father!

SABRINA & AMBROSE: I feel that feel.

PRUDENCE: We must save our coven!

SABRINA: And the world from Satan!

PRUDENCE: Oh dark god here we go. There’s literally zero (0) good things about this day.

AMBROSE: Girl, I love your new rebellious style.

PRUDENCE: There’s one (1) good thing about this day.


SATAN: Sabrina, you are my beloved daughter!

SABRINA: Well, this is rock bottom.

SATAN: And I believe you already know my spy, who pursued you romantically on my orders?

SABRINA: Oh no… here’s a lower place.

NICK: My name IS Nick Scratch, so in a way, this is really more on you…


AUDIENCE: oh no, Nick is that guy who says feminist things but when the chips are really, truly down, sells you out to the patriarchy/Satan!

AUDIENCE: We trusted you, Nick Scratch.

AUDIENCE: We’re more mad at ourselves than you. What were we thinking, trusting somebody called Nick Scratch?

AUDIENCE: Back in the trash, Nick Scratch!


SABRINA: True love has failed me, ONCE AGAIN.

SABRINA: My mortals are busy trying to blow up the gates of hell.

SABRINA: Actually now I think about it, that might be slightly dangerous.


ROZ: Harvey, should we be fighting demons? I literally cannot shoot a gun.

HARVEY: You’ll get the hang of it, honey! I cherish u.

THEO: I’m trying to physically block the gates of hell, but even getting the mortal MVP award may not be worth this.

ROZ: I’m having a psychic vision that we’re screwed.


SABRINA: At least I’ll always have my loving family.

ZELDA, HILDA & AMBROSE: *attack Satan with knives*

SATAN: That… isn’t gonna work?

SABRINA: Actually now I think about it, that might be slightly dangerous.


SATAN: Be my devoted daughter or everyone you ever loved dies!

SABRINA: You don’t think a coerced relationship is basically meaningless?

SATAN: Hellooooo? I am Satan.


LILITH: I want to be on the side of truth and justice!


LILITH: OK, I just hate my ex.

SABRINA: That’s more convincing. Welcome to Team Good, Lilith.

ZELDA: I prefer to think of us as Team Lawful Evil.

ZELDA: It’s the law that dudes can’t let us down anymore.

LILITH: Preach.


NICK: So there’s no chance you will regard Satan setting us up as a meet-cute?

SABRINA: Get out of my bedroom, I hate you and I’m busy plotting against Satan!

NICK: Sabrina pls you can’t doubt my genuine affection for you! I fought a giant squid. I endure the long national nightmare of monogamy for your sake!

SABRINA: You’re on thin ice, buddy!


NICK: Let me help you rebel against Satan.

SABRINA: Ugh. Those three little words that always melt my heart… ‘rebel against Satan’…

SABRINA: OK FINE. But I will not be in a cherishing mood.

NICK: For how long?

SABRINA: Could be centuries!


SABRINA: OK guys I have a plan. A musical is our only hope.

EVERYONE: Reasonable.

SATAN: Yay, this is my ideal vision of fatherhood: thrones of skulls, gold lame, and musical numbers.

LILITH: why did I ever date u!

SATAN: We all make mistakes in college. Or Eden.


SATAN: This is a special moment for us. I put a lil ‘Baby on Board’ sticker on the back of my throne of skulls.

SABRINA: Um… thanks.

SATAN: Would you like to keep your mortals as pets on leashes?

SABRINA: Um… sure.

SATAN: Would you like to rule Greendale as your own personal kingdom?

SABRINA: Psych! I ALREADY think of Greendale as my own personal kingdom. One must claim one’s own power rather than having it granted by gross dudes!


SABRINA: Now I will trap Satan in this magic box!

SATAN: That… isn’t gonna work?

AUDIENCE: It’s touching how everyone still has such faith in Sabrina’s plans. Her success rate cannot be described as 100%.

AUDIENCE: But she tries so hard and she means so well.

AUDIENCE: And somebody has to stop the apocalypse.

AUDIENCE: Somebody. Anybody? Bueller?


NICK: Due to my extensive reading, I happen to know that a hot magic guy is a substitute for a magic box. I will trap Satan using my own body as a prison!

SABRINA: Wow I have to ask myself, are dramatic plans contagious…

SABRINA: Like, are they kissually transmitted?

ROZ: I’ve been wondering that myself.


NICK: I love you!

SABRINA: I can’t believe my plot to imprison Lucifer, the Great Dragon and King of Lies, got so complicated…

NICK: I love you and the last seconds I’m in control of my body are draining away, do you have anything to say to me?

SABRINA: wow this is so bad…

NICK: Quick cherish for the road?

SABRINA: This is all happening so fast…

NICK: *falls over*

LILITH: I declare myself Queen of Hell, so bright side?

LILITH: Maybe just for me.


LILITH: 🙂 🙂 🙂


LILITH: I’ll throw the Satan container into a back room in hell, then throw a party!

SABRINA: His name is Nicholas Scratch!

AUDIENCE: It really is, we’ve come to accept that.

LILITH: None of you are invited to my party because I hate you.


AUDIENCE: Oh NO, Nick is that guy who says feminist things and DOES believe them but still makes mistakes because the patriarchy/Satan are in your head…

AUDIENCE: And now Satan is literally in his head.

AUDIENCE: Ohnoohnoohnoohno

AUDIENCE: And NOW, as the darkly ironic frosting on the doom cake…

AUDIENCE: Harvey is helpfully princess carrying Nick to hell.

AUDIENCE: Wow, Nick is having a DAY.


SABRINA: *sniffle*

AUDIENCE: Sabrina’s last few months have also not been chill.

LILITH: *yoinks golden crown*

AUDIENCE: Get it, girl! It being the throne of hell.

LILITH: (Dark) God is a WOMAN! And it me.


SABRINA: Mortal friends, you have been extremely helpful during the apocalypse, so I don’t have to protect you from my magic adventures anymore!

ROZ: The fact we almost died means you don’t have to protect us from dying?

SABRINA: Yup! Let’s have a band name.

ROZ: We care for and support you, and I hope I speak for us all when I say–

HARVEY: Yay! Love this for me.

HARVEY: Let’s get awesome life-threatening T-shirts!

THEO: I’m loyally in for life-threatening T-shirts.

AUDIENCE: We do love a Scooby Gang.


ZELDA: I voted myself head of the coven.

ZELDA: Now all I have to do is hope nobody finds out about Hilda’s many murders, or our sacrilegious rebellion against the dark god.

HILDA: Heh heh heh. Stop me before I bake a cake… or kill again!

AUDIENCE: Nice to see women in leadership positions but so often they inherit systemic problems.

AUDIENCE: Best of luck, Zelda, you are a good person deep down!

AUDIENCE: Best of luck, Lilith, you have great cheekbones and inner pain, and that’s more important than being good.


PRUDENCE & AMBROSE: have acquired leather and swords to hunt down Father Blackwood.

PRUDENCE & AMBROSE: we’re gonna do it for justice

PRUDENCE & AMBROSE: we’re gonna do it for vengeance

PRUDENCE & AMBROSE: but most of all… we’re gonna do it for the aesthetic.


SABRINA: As the first task for the Fright Club, I have a Plan, and this one feels like a multiple-episode arc!

ROZ: oh god here we go…

SABRINA: Let’s go to hell and get my boyfriend back!

CUT AWAY: before we see Roz gently weeping, Theo gamely agreeing, and Harvey torn between ‘love me a demented plan’ and ‘would I go to hell for a guy who won’t call me by name?’

SABRINA: All aboard for the infernal road trip!


AUDIENCE: We do love a road trip.

AUDIENCE: Can’t wait for more Bone-Chilling Plans of Sabrina!

AUDIENCE: Please get Nick back! Then place him gently in the trash.


Hope you enjoyed, doves and ravens! Really, I can’t wait for more Bone-Chilling Plans of Sabrina. Part 3 is out January 24! And for now, well, I may have mentioned a novel in which Sabrina accidentally summons a Prince of Hell, Prudence tries to set a Satanic Family Trap, Nick studies mortal love and learns perhaps the wrong lessons, and Harvey princess-carries at least two (2) people, is out now!


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